Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever

We’ve gone over the top (of the shop, that is). Don’t you love the banner Tina put together to top our patriotic display All we need is John Philip Sousa playing Stars and Stripes forever. We’re all set for the summer red, white, and blue holidays. From the burlap banner, to tin trays, to patchwork quilts, to vintage flow blue, to handmade (by Tina) flag pillows with surprise backings, we’ll help inject a bit of the spirit into your celebration. (We didn’t even plan for the red and blue chandeliers accentuating our scheme.) And we have old game boards to add some fun to your day. Stop in. We’ll have those Sousa marches playing during all the summer holidays -- Memorial Day, Flag Day, and 4th of July. And when it warms up as it is supposed to do on Saturday-76!, (now isn't that appropriate), we'll have iced tea and treats.


  1. Thanks, Summerland Cottage Studio! Sorry it took me a while. I explained it in my latest fun.


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