Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catching up and looking back

 When I charge my phone, it syncs with my computer uploading all the photos to it. (The phone is another hand me up from the kids, this time DJ) I needed an iphone to be able to take credit cards at Polly's Vintage Market and was offered one of son DJ's, after he upgraded to the latest version.  As I was charging it, I came across photos I had shared with my Rhode Island sister.  Was telling her about having my mending club for a tortellini-making session the week before Thanksgiving. 

The mending club is a group of girls brought together by Sandy B. of The Pink Cupboard, located in what is now The Prairie Street Brew House. After the store closed, Sandy found a way to keep us together.  We don't mend, except for hearts and lives and friendships.  We do outings, projects, and meals at each others' homes. 

Making tortellini called for an Italian theme - red and white tablecloths, wine, antipasto tray, etc. 

Was looking at the photos and seeing a few items purchased at antique stores, like the wine rack above.  Got that from Polly of Counting Your Blessings Fame.

Photo below shows one end of our mantle on which I had arranged old books, tarnished silver, pewter, and a photo of my mother and father in the early days of their marriage.  It was a gratitude theme for Thanksgiving, and I am certainly grateful for their love and guidance and the many lessons they taught.

You also catch a glimpse of an aqua "scrolly" mirror frame, again a purchase from Polly.

I love items with a history and which bring back fond memories.  I hear so many people who come in to Just A Second reminiscing about their mom or grandmother as they see something they remember from their homes. 

Lest I get sad getting too wrapped up in the past,  thinking of items with a history, I remind myself that those items are also just right for so many of today's styles of decorating.  

In analyzing little shops, I become aware of how they reflect the personalities and styles of their owners; so the more shops, the more chances of finding just the right item to fill your heart with joy and your home with memories.  Happy shopping.  Looking forward to your visit.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

While the cat is away, the mice will play:)

Tina is doing The Three French Hens Holiday Market this weekend in Morris, IL, and she left me with a bare and somewhat tattered dressmaker's dummy. (what a degrading name for such a marvelous prop.) At any rate, I had fun "dolling" her up.  Tina left burlap wrapped around her feet (base) and I had just succumbed to the purchase of some old costume jewelry. So, voila, here she is dressed to the nines in her burlap wrap embellished with vintage pins and necklaces, some of which were marked with names like ART©, Monet, and L/N, an early Providence RI 
jewelry manufacturer as well as some vintage Avon pieces.  I'm still learning so much, being in this business and researching goodies.  She also is sporting a small Kate Spade bag over her shoulder adorned with the obligatory "little white gloves".  And her chapeau is a couple of glitzy lamp shades.  Do you ever feel like this?  All dressed up and no place to go?

Friday, November 16, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is YOU...

First, you may notice our window all set to welcome you to Just A Second. 

Then you will notice a wonderful old beer crate with a hinged lid full of Christmas - a wreath, an evergreen, and a wool plaid bow.

You will proceed to the porch where this mounted old rusty green window box with its very important signs, its festive red ornaments, and its vintage style lights will all assure you that you have come to the right place.

From primitive glitzed up with tarnished silver, to burlap used as window dressing,to a mannequin wrap and wreath bows embellished with vintage jewelry, Just A Second has put on her holiday finery just for YOU.

SOLD this whole display, window, wreath and burlap valance!



Every Day is Treat Time at Just A Second with a bit of Chocolate and something warm like tea or coffee or even hot chocolate.

Looking forward to your visit so we can celebrate this festive time of year together!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's official!

It's official!  We'll soon be an outlet for these wonderful letter press pendants. Here is Jeannie's description: 
VINTAGE LETTER PRESS PENDANTS on hand oxidized brass tags embellished with a vintage jewel...16" antique brass bead chain.
"Express Yourself!".....add a name, a little inspiration or a 'claim to fame'
You will be able to see what they look like at Just A Second very soon. (I'll be wearing mine!)  Each one is unique because you are. You may want one for yourself or as a very special gift for someone else. Jeannie of The Gilded Junque Yard will execute your request and ship it to you FREE.  We have a little sign at the shop that says, "YOU are worth it", because, if you are like me, you are constantly buying for someone else. Maybe it is time to put yourself on your gift list.