Monday, November 17, 2014

The Blue Bathroom

I spent much of last week redoing a small bathroom off one of our bedrooms - Faith's old bedroom - the room which John has temporarily taken over as his work room. The bathroom is definitely dated as far as fixtures go, but, will have to remain as is for the moment.

The walls were white with a few royal blue graphics on them and they (the walls) really needed painting.  I was also tired of the random shapes I had painted on each wall. 

I decided to do all the walls blue and to paint the oak medicine cabinet and light strips white, as well as the towel bars, switch plates, and tp holder which were also all oak. I happen to not be an oak fan. I love old pine furniture, and, of course painted furniture, so I rarely hesitate to paint anything. The light strips are dated also, but so am I, and so is our house which was built in the 20's.

Paint is the least expensive means of changing the look of a room and can really make quite an amazing difference.

I am sorry I did not take a "before" photo. I was too embarrassed to have anyone see it.

I am very happy with the result. The floor is also old,
but it is ceramic tile in very good condition, and I actually love the way the gold goes with the blue, so it, too, will stay.

You can see the print which needs framing resting above the towels.

I really love the fact that I did not have to buy anything new. I shopped in the house and at the shop which is getting depleted as we continue to  move to East State, but it did have the fish which is now sitting on top of the medicine cabinet. The other large metal fish was in the adjacent bedroom.

I also had all the white towels, because that is about the only color towels I buy in order that I can bleach them. I had the royal blue hand towels which were purchased to add more color to the formerly white bathroom.

The print above is by Rockford artist, Ann Remington. It is one of John's favorites, and we have never had it framed, so that is now on the agenda. With a white frame,  it will be perfect above the towel rack on the largest wall, the rack on which it is resting in the photo above.

The title of the print is "Coming Home", which I think is very appropriate for this time of year when the kids, in fact, come home.