Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Bunny Blog Post

For some reason (it must be the season), it has been bunny time at home and at the shop. It started with this bunny which is a story in itself. I was looking for cute bunnies for my booth at Stella & Notte (used to be LaDida) where my Just A Second booth is now located (by the Farmers' Market location on North Main). And most of what I could find were caricatures of bunnies, not real looking bunnies. So I picked up a couple and decided to spray paint them to look like stone. I am happy with the result as in the photo to the right.

Lenten/spring Table scape: Purple, bare twigs, touches of green and bunny

My inspiration was this bunny I had at home. I purchased it at The Pink Cupboard when I was a vendor there. One winter I left it outside, and much of the coating came off. I was able to make it good as new with a darker stone look paint similar to what I referred to above. So note that they are indoor bunnies, not outdoor.

The bunny to the left makes that point as he is on the inside looking out. I have had my bunny on the front porch in the spring and summer, and he did just fine. I think it's the winter that did him in.


I left these bunny planters as is and may still plant them with herbs because they are not Easter bunnies as are none on this page. Easter bunnies have to wear hats, carry baskets, etc. These are regular bunnies, suitable for spring and summer decorating, and I would much rather have them in the house than outside wreaking havoc in the garden.

Finally, my poor weathered wood, chippy paint bunny that stays out year round - I usually add a bow and flowers to him for Easter and add him to the front porch as part of the Easter Sunday adornment.


I am sure he will weather the snow as will the rest of us, and it will certainly make the return of spring all the more welcome. In the meantime, visit Just A Second at our new location at 1416 North Main In Stella & Notte for some Spring decor and gifts and stay a while for a really hot and tasty cup of coffee in our new little cafĂ© corner.  We look forward to your visit!

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