Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seeing beyond the Surface

Here it is:  the end result of a full day at an auction.  Husband John helped unload it and chuckled as he took the photo.  I think there was a little head shaking going on also.
At the same time, he noticed neighbor Aaron next door to whom he apologetically shared that he didn't understand it, but Renie manages to sell this stuff at her shop.  Aaron's response was interesting:  "Don't let Ellie (his cute young wife) see it. She'll drag it all into our house."

Could it be that women have the capacity to see beneath the surface more than our male counterparts? Reminds me of a little documentary we just watched called Mister Rogers and Me.  Mister Rogers was taunted as a child, and he determined that he would always look for the good in people.  Thanks to Rhode Island sister, Janie, for sharing it.  (She somehow knows someone involved in its production)

He was very fond of the term "deep and simple".  It's probably a travesty to refer to my "junk" in the same way. However, I do have to share what may not be obvious from the photo. The top tote (filled with tools) seems to be made out of old tongue and groove floor boards.  Can't wait to show it as a planter - perfect on a porch rail or converted to a window box.  Red geraniums will just pop against that dark wood.

The long box under it is hiding its best feature.  It may have been a drawer because on the long side which you don't see there are two of the cutest little green wooden knobs.
It has great potential.  Don't know quite what I will do with it (or let someone else figure out what he or she will do), but it definitely has Country Gardens potential.

(To be continued)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mini makeover to prepare for mammoth makeover

Well, here we go...starting to prep for refinishing a mammoth breakfront stored in garage since winter.  Was quite the moving project for husband John, having to borrow a neighbors truck and all (wonderful, generous neighbors!).

At any rate, starting small to decide on colors and finish.  Happy with the results on this little 50's nightstand/end table.

Not so happy with the after photo and the fact that the top looks a different color.. 2nd try. Must be the lighting in my workshop/gathering room/ eating area.
The top is actually the same as the front.

Just have to finish with paste wax to protect the piece and give it a soft sheen.
All in all happy with the results. Will be adding a similar style piece as my second effort - a really cute small dresser that would work wonderfully as a hall table or a chest in a living room or dining room.  Love when pieces are versatile and can be used in a number of ways in a number of places.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Opening the patio/deck

Filling the patio and deck with all kinds of new and vintage garden items.  Still a bit too early to do all the planting we are planning, but there are some pansies in baskets and some chives that survived the winter, even in a pot.  We love filling vintage items with arrangements that are one of a kind. Whether it's an enamel dish pan or a vintage tin basket, or some other great find, it is bound to lend a special touch to your garden.

Tina has added a menagerie of garden critters including snails and turtles and bunnies; birds in a nest, and squirrels; and we have darling statuary of children to sit among your own flowers.

We'll be adding more items, as we discover them, like vintage wire hanging baskets, and mesh wall pockets, and twig items to add a rustic touch to your setting.  While they adorn our deck. they help provide a nice little spot to sit and have a spot of tea or a cup of coffee. Nothing fancy, but according to our customers, a nice ambiance.  Looking forward to your visit.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting ready for ArtScene, working on fitting Tom Heflin's wonderful prints into Just A Second.  Giving you a sneak preview of what is waiting for you Friday evening at 5.

The beauty of Tom Heflin's art is its variety, both in subject matter and in method.  You get a little taste of it here.

Joining Tom for ArtScene at Just A Second is our resident vendor and felted wool artist Tina Rippy with felted wool and more. Tina is just beginning to create her always wonderful displays, but again, you get a sneak preview.  Burlap will cover the table (she has made it very clear that she does not like that table. I do) and more of her creative wonders will be added.

Also Kari McDonald of The Paper Button is going to transform our Book Nook into a Paper Button studio displaying her vintage button jewelry and salt cellars and other creations.

Be sure to join us this weekend and treat yourself to visual delights and well as tummy delights provided by Altamore Ristorante....mmmm all around! 

Again ArtScene this Friday 5-9 and Saturday 3-9.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter, and if you are looking for last minute one-of-a-kind Easter little somethings for someone special, think "Just A Second", where we have just one left of these cute wire chicken baskets with 3 brightly colored felted wool eggs or

a basket full of candle blossoms to line up along your Easter table - a variety of colors and a couple of sizes - perfect for right now.  And, speaking of candles, how about egg candles.

 They look terrific perched on top of tall crystal candlesticks (we have those, too!) and the eggs come in their own little ceramic egg tray.  We can wrap them up in cellophane for you as a perfect little hostess gift.

And then there are our little concrete garden accents. Pictured are little love birds for the love of your life. And there are also little bunnies.  Aren't concrete ones the only ones you want in your garden?

Shown below are cute concrete duckies. (Did you know that some ducks mate for life?) Nice reminder of your devotion for that lifetime mate of yours. And finally a cute little chick surrounded by Easter eggs and nesting in a craft egg with lid and twigs and moss--all perfectly apropos and certainly unique.  Objects are pictured in vintage Easter basket which are sold separately.

Now, just a reminder, Just A Second will be open Thursday and Saturday but closed Good Friday because it just wouldn't make much sense to be open at all if we are going to close from noon until 3:00 for services.

Again, Happy Easter, or Passover, or Spring to all.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday at St. Peter Cathedral

I think I am still on topic because these are certainly about decorating...a church instead of shop or home.  I am amazed at the artistry involved.. Parishioners take part in a beginning or advanced workshop and do the woven palms, and then our resident floral designer, Gene Fedeli takes over and does the arrangements which are just amazing. Enjoy.  Hope it puts us in the frame of mind for Holy Week, speaking of which, the shop will be closed on Good Friday.