Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dressing table, trunk, and Patio Set


 Added some really cute stuff to the shop lately and had to share.

Tina completely restored this cute little dressing table with lift up mirror. Her handy Randy husband helped, too, with some major leg work (must be a leg man, I guess).

That, together with a wonderful paint treatment and little mirror rosettes make this a very special addition to any number of rooms - bedroom, entry, you decide. 

Turquoise is such a great color for adding punch to a setting, and it can be combined with greens and reds and yellows, so versatile.

And then there are the patio sets.  We have two of these - one with that perfect green seat, the other with white.  Both are vintage, in great shape, and so reasonably priced.

 See what I mean about turquoise and red - perfect example in this 50's tablecloth in beautiful condition.  More turquoise in the trunk shown...and it has a galvanized bottom.  Don't think I've seen anything like it before. Trying to figure out what it was used for.
Any thoughts?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New "old stuff" at Just A Second

Finding some old neat stuff that can make a great vignette if you want to accessorize a primitive or industrial look.

It's the kind of stuff that elicits a remark such as "what are you going to do with that?!?"...
little touches which help you build the look you want.

It's fun when quite a few of these types of items come in all at once and you can cluster them..haven't had time to do that lately, so they are somewhat scattered around the shop. Couldn't help myself...had to put the antique German bird plate in the cage. And Tina brought in the wonderful old weathered and not perfect shutters.  Makes the perfect back drop. 

Finally a big old monster fan. Cut off the cord so no one can even attempt to plug it in.  Can't imagine having one of these around. They do make a great accent piece though,
as does the old 1920 era metal suit case with rod and hangers and old travel stickers.

From glitz and glam to grunge and grand, there are accents for any decorating style at Just A Second.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day and Gardens and Gifts

Whether you are looking for a Mother's Day gift or something for yourself, know that we scout and scout to come up with just the right items to provide a fun and interesting shopping experience for you.  From hand crafted burlap and button flower pins to vintage baskets and re-purposed finds, Just A Second is set. Inside, outside, porch to deck, there are oil paintings, prints, pottery, and wire items all awaiting your perusal.  The blackboard shown is the real thing - it's from an old schoolhouse, heavy slate, and comes complete with chalk ledge
 We feature a broad selection and items for every budget, from "it's the thought that counts" but sure to please,  to high end luxury felted purses and scarves done with care and love by our own Tina Rippy.

And don't forget, treats await you every Saturday, hopefully out on the deck, so take a little time for yourself and come visit.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Great Find at Friend's Store

Been a long time since we've bought a new primitive piece for the house, but couldn't resist this one. Went to visit friend Sue's new store, Pork Belly Primitives in Rockton, IL, and saw this old saw horse complete with cuts on the top (another thing the kids will give me a hard time about).  It sways just a bit and isn't quite symmetrical, but it got the highest approval rating from husband John who brought it in and then commented that it looks like it's always been there.

On the bottom shelf is an old box which stores the remotes for the tv etc., and you get a peak at the book husband John couldn't resist sitting on top of the "new" old piece. It's a really old copy of Puss in Boots.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Putting it together Piece by Piece

A few days ago, we looked at the pile of goodies from an all day auction experience,
Below is the front of the drawer shown above.  You can see the little green wooden knobs. I think it would make a really cute planter on top of a porch railing. It is priced at $32.00
Love the green touches - the metal frog candle sticks and the great green pot.
We are getting more and more vintage garden items just in time for Mother's Day or any other day.

Love how items came together to form this sunny vignette.  Started with the vintage pillow cover and its embroidered flowers, then came the wicker plant stands and at the same time the really cute wrought iron chair.  Don't know if you can see the fabric, but it is yellow with white polka dots and it is weatherproof vinyl, so it is perfect for outside The final touch is the bright yellow vinyl George Briard designer ice bucket with the tulips on the lid.