Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Found some really cute stuff

Found some really cute things, or, in some cases they found me.

At any rate, had to enlist the help of husband John to help me get them to the shop on the coldest day of the year, in spite of his coming down with a really bad cold.  But I have a little car, and he has a van. I think I need a truck, a really old one.  Keep talking about it.  Probably won't happen. Kids would think I really went off the deep end.

Got the slim line aqua phone.  It works and it is really a good weight so it doesn't slide around when you answer it.  Comes in handy if you lose electricity and your cell is dead.

And then if you are still without electricity, you can have light with this perfect color rosy red oil lamp,  Who says we've come a long way!?  And then there's the baking.  Think of how cute you would look using these vintage pottery bowls with roses on them.  There is a set of 3 in beautiful condition, just little signs of aging so you know they are really vintage.

Didn't really need help with the little stuff.  Was the gate leg table they are sitting on that didn't fit in my car...and there were two such tables, this one...chippy white, and the other worn out natural wood, so of course, I'll have to paint it.  Can you guess I love old painted furniture.  Funny, I don't have that much of it in my own house, although just about every room has at least one painted piece.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Valentine Vignettes

Little vignettes for Valentine decorating are scattered throughout the shop to give you ideas for adding special touches to your home.  It's nice that we can keep the red and combine it with our own favorite colors for Valentine's Day. We've decided on aqua for the most part, but rusty tin or pink florals would also work, and of course, white.  The choice is yours.  Have fun.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Elvis

Some of you may know that I am an Elvis fan,  so again we have Elvis in the store window, and we will be serving cake and coffee to celebrate his birthday on Saturday, the 7th.  Let it also be said that his birthday, January 8, is also our oldest daughter Annie's birthday as well as our youngest grand daughter, Addy's first birthday, so we have 3 very good reasons to have a birthday party.  We'll be open from 11- 4 as usual. All our Christmas goodies are crowding the "book nook", and all are 50% off. Hope you can join us.