Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Screen Door/Window Musings

I love finding old rusty screens or screen doors with rustic chippy painted frames.  I loved the way they looked, but at first, I really didn't know what I was going to do with them.

I decided to try to paint on the screens. I looked up painting old screens and saw that it was an old folk art form in Baltimore. Supposedly, it was started by a produce merchant whose produce was wilting in the hot Baltimore sun. (Isn't that the name of their newspaper?!?)

He took his produce inside, but still wanted potential customers to know that he was selling produce, so he painted products on the outside of the screens of his store. He could see out, but others saw what looked to be display cases of his produce. 

Then others started painting their screens on the outside so they could have privacy during the day even if the windows and drapes were open.

Today there is a non-profit in Baltimore set up to preserve the art that almost disappeared with the advent of air-conditioning. Their slogan: "You see out. No one sees in."

My first projects were very simple - one color as seen in the rooster painting.

I have done a couple more, both cows, one looking in a window, the other waiting at your screen door. These are not designed to replace any screens or doors but to be art in themselves. They need to be hung on a solid wall or door so there is no light behind them. If there is bright light behind them, the art disappears.

All three of the above are sold, most recently, the full screen door one. She is now living in Colorado.

I recently found another old rusty screen door, and I am getting excited thinking about what to paint on it.

This screen is not in as bad a shape as my earlier ones in that it there are no holes in the screen. What I love are the two aqua bars going across it. I am thinking I will try to paint a horse on this one. I will keep you posted. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anticipating Mother's Day and Warmer Days

Warmer days are coming, as is Mothers' Day, and we are trying to stock with that in mind. A few of our favorites: Cherry embellished dishes, specifically, a little vintage dessert set, arranged in and around a wicker desk sorter atop a vintage wicker bed/lap tray, complete with side holder for a favorite magazine or the morning newspaper. (Remember those?)

And beneath the bed or lap tray, a few single, vintage coffee cups - fill them with a favorite treat, wrap them in cellophane, and you have a small but sweet token of love for those special moms and grandmas.  When the treat is gone, the cup remains for coffee, or to store paperclips, pencils, whatever - a memory. 

And how about these vintage perfect size little juice glasses - a set of eight painted with a traditional symbol of warm summer days, a bunch of cherries. 

And finally, maybe a touch of "glam" - a gorgeous 40's heavy and ornate mirrored dresser tray - large enough to cluster dresser items: candle, perfume, plated lint brush, or beveled and silverplated hand mirror. Thinking gift? Think vintage.  "Antiques make great Gifts", instant heirlooms.

 Also remember, coffee is always available in Just A Second's little coffee cafe corner. Help yourself, sit a while, and enjoy.

 Just A Second is located in Stella & Notte just south of the roundabout in Rockford's historic North End. We look forward to your visit.