Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rainy, cold days slowing project down

Was so excited to see handyman Morris arrive this AM with lumber in his trailer. It was misting, but it wasn't as bad as previous few days. He started the deck, got the foundation beams in. Lots to do yet. Will not be ready for the perennial exchange, but it's going to be a beautiful day according to forecast, so we'll set up on the lawn. And with possible freezing temps tonight, can't have plants out anyway. Our grand opening will have to wait.

We do have a few new (made locally) and mostly old goodies for the garden and those will be outside on the unfinished patio. No photos yet. I'll try to post a few of the items tomorrow, even if they are not in their final setting.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Finds in Ohio

Had a wonderful Easter, how about you?

Out and about on the way to daughter's for Easter and stopped in Milan, Ohio, because husband John wanted photo of Tom Edison being read to by his mother. For John, it's all about reading and that photo is something he's wanted since years ago when we stopped in Milan with the kids, and he didn
't have a camera..

Anyway, as luck would have it, the statue was across the street from the messiest antique store ever. There were all kinds of goodies outside around the building, including a wonderful pair of tall weathered dark turquoise shutters. I told John the max I would pay for them and planned how I would use them on the patio. We had to call the owner from the gas station where we were getting gas, and he said he'd be right there, that he was only a couple of blocks away. Sure enough, shortly after filling the car, he arrived. I bargained for the shutters and got them, then followed him into the shop. It was piled with stuff in no order, and NOTHING was priced.

Had to ask about everything, and most prices were above my budget. Had very little time, since we were in a hurry to get to Elaina's, when I spotted a really cute old watering can with a wire and blue wooden bale handle. He said he'd sell it to me for what he paid for it. SOLD, and that will be part of the fountain I am putting together.

Can't post photo 'til project is finished, hopefully by the perennial exchange 8-11 AM Saturday the 30th. Come and See.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hardly finished and it was gone!

Remove Formatting from selectionFinally got the shop set early Wednesday before we opened and someone came in and bought the corner cabinet I had just accessorized. (I was going to paint it white, but ran out of time.) They loved it just the way it was and wanted it right then. So we were left with an empty corner and a wall full of nails. Fortunately, I had an antique door from an old farm house and was able to fill the corner with it, place a chair in front of it, add a few accessories, and it looked like it had been there forever.
I was very grateful that I didn't have to paint the corner piece, and for the sale, and for having what was needed to "fill the hole."

So happy to see the sun, finally, even if it is not going to last long.

Will be taking an Easter break from the store, and will enjoy the change of pace.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trying to think positive, adding flowers on the inside, since it is too cold to plant them outside. Will have more photos tonight after I get the front room of the shop the way I want it.

Thank goodness for friend Pat, helping move so much stuff yesterday. Just time for a new look. Wish I could do the same for myself sometime.

Trying to mix the rustic with the fancy. Thought it would make a nice combo -- as it is in our yards with rough trees and fences alongside delicate flowers. Can't go wrong if we follow Nature's lead. The same goes with color combinations. Speaking of setting the shop, better get going since the store is open today.

Friday, April 15, 2011

It is so windy out today that I am really surprised that Morris can work on th fence. I'm looking at the OPEN flag out front, and I wouldn't be surprised if it blew out of the holder. My little "Just A Second" sign was lying on the ground when I got here this AM. As Winnie the Pooh would say. "It's a blustery day out today". Where did that come from? It's been a while since I've read those stories to anyone.
(Continues on Saturday with photos added)
Working on the inside, since a china cabinet is going to be picked up on Monday, and everything in it has to find a home. That spurs me on to rearrange. Decided to bring the garden shop inside since I cannot go outside until the patio is finished and the weather is more spring-like. ( Now, it is snowing!)

The photo on left shows "honeysuckle" accents. Ever since the Rockford Register
Star, in their Living Spaces section, talked about "honeysuckle" being the new color this spring, I've had to search for that color, since it was missing from Just A Second. I think we have it covered in some small way.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

fence getting fixed

Handyman Morris came today (his other job was cancelled), so he was able to start fixing the fence. I talked to him about the stoop and potential for tripping, etc., so I think he's going to build a small deck the level of the doorway, so people can go directly from the store out to the deck/patio. We also found a capped over electric box, so we can get a light over the door. We'll leave the brick part as an entry from the yard. I'll try to save some of the bricks for replacements before they get decked over. He also suggested, since we have to shorten the downspout, that we have a rain barrel, which would be great for watering the planters I plan on putting together, using interesting vintage old world war II ammunition box, a hand made doll bed, an old Ford Motor parts bin from Ingersoll among other more conventional planters. Hopefully, it'll be nice enough tomorrow that he can get all the fence posts put in, so I can start building my twig fence. Should be interesting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo at left shows window trim color.

Here are the beautiful (as of today) photos - the leaning broken fence, the plywood door inset, the bricks and weeds, and the long view of our tiny shop patio. We will attempt to make it appear twice as wide :) and picture perfect.
The table shown is presently on Craigs List together with 4 chairs, cushions, and umbrella It was way too large for our tiny space and didn't have the look we are striving for. Tomorrow a handy man is coming to help with fence placement and hopefully frame out the too steep cement stoop. I want to make it wider and add a step all around. Have to watch for liability issues since we are a business. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I will work on the fence I am making out of small wild cherry trees.

Photo at left shows style I'm into -- rustic, a la fleamarket, touch of whimsy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am so bummed. I started to download the photos I thought I took this afternoon, and there is nothing to import. I took a photo of the peeling window frames, the multicolored concrete stoop with red and green and white paint all chipping off, and the yard debris and dandelions (they sure come out early), and, the grand finale, the fence that someone from the parking lot next door must have crashed into, because a post is wobbly and a couple of boards are broken. I'll still be able to photograph dandelions, and the fence, and the missing bricks.

But now I've already painted the window tri
m. I was going to do it aqua, but after priming it and seeing how difficult it is to do evenly because of caulk, etc., I decided to keep it neutral. I also looked at the aqua paint and painted something else with it and decided it would be way too bright. I painted the stoop the same neutral. It is called "stone". Looks much better.

We had someone fix the storm door. He was supposed to replace it, but couldn't find the right size, so he "fixed" the old one by removing the windows and filling them in with plywood. I hate it. I am going to remove the plywood, staple some screening in its place and finish it off with trim. I want a screen door to open out on the patio, so I get a breeze on nice days. I'll get a photo of the lovely door tomorrow also. I don't know if you'll be able to see the warped plywood or not. I'm not making our little shop sound too appealing, so I will attach a photo so you can see the front and know it's pretty cute.

Transforming a patio

Starting a project at Just A Second, transforming a neglected and small patio behind the shop into a picture-perfect garden area. That's the hope. Some nay saying going on here at issues, people tripping over hose, too much work. I will be posting progress photos starting this evening with the lovely befores, including peeling windows, yard debris, missing bricks, etc. Have to be ready by April 30, hopefully before, with hand made fencing out of wild cherry mini trees, transplanted unused fence section from house from which every other board must be removed to allow for air flow and visibility. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Spring Space Lift for the bedroom

It’s Spring. The temperatures are rising, and it’s a great time to think of lightening up our space. I love the change of seasons for that very reason: opportunities for a change of scene. No matter how your home is decorated, it becomes somewhat old hat after time. We don’t seem to notice what we live with every day.

So, let’s start with the bedroom and give it a space lift. Removing the heavy window treatments, winter’s warm and cozy fabrics, and replacing them with light and airy ones — think decorators’ gauze — can transform the whole feel of a room, as they catch every breeze and become a filmy frame for the outdoors, the trees and the sky above, the lawn and garden below. What a perfect spot for your morning coffee!

Next, strip the flannel sheets and heavy duvet from your bed and replace them with 100% cotton, high thread count percale sheets (Actually, if you are like me, those sheets may be low thread count, but the pattern was cute, the price was right, and they perfectly conveyed the feeling you were looking for.) and perhaps, a matelasse coverlet with a lightweight blanket between them. You’ll feel as though you are in the lap of luxury, in a room at a resort, while all the while waking up in your own bedroom.

I like to switch out the throw rugs also. Replacing the wool and hooked rugs with rag rugs lightens up the look and just feels cooler. And, I love how they look against my off-white painted wood floors. Even if your bedroom is carpeted, you can add a new color and lighter texture by layering rag rugs on top of the carpet to welcome your bare feet in the morning.

Take a good look at the pillows and throws that embellish your bed. Are they looking tired? Here’s your chance. You can change the color scheme or sometimes even the flavor of a room just by replacing a few accessories. They can take you from modern to traditional, from formal to a cottage look, all with very little expense.

Pictures on the wall become invisible if they are not moved around or switched out periodically. Try a new grouping, or put away the dark prints in favor of the florals. Add a bouquet of fresh flowers. Until they are blooming in your own back yard, you may have to buy them. If they have a nice scent, all the better. And, finally, enjoy. You deserve it.

(I thought I'd try my hand at writing a newspaper type decorating column. How did I do?)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time to get out and work on the yard. Have Monday and Tuesday off from Just A Second, so it's the time to shop for goodies and work around the house. Got the front yard raked on Sunday when it got into the 60's. Now it's time to divide and conquer the back yard. Happy to see that CB2 is featuring bright colors outside because that is what I have -- bright blue and red along with forest green. I'll be moving a few chairs over to the redone patio area at Just A Second. We'll have a mini garden shop including rustic accents, and unusual planters, some waiting for your creative touch, and others planted to suit my fancy.