Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do these work?

Just A Second QR
a space lift
Just A Second Buzz
So, I don't even have a device that can read these, but rumor has it that if you scan the appropriate QR (quick response) code with the appropriate device, smart phone, etc., it will take you to the designated web presence.  I'll have to hear from someone else to see if they work or not.  Let me know in the comment section. Thanks.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All We Need Is Love

Awaiting me after my walk
This is what greeted me this A.M. after my walk.  I've put on a few pounds and was beating myself up, so John made the coffee (it's in the bible: Hebrews), hard boiled eggs, toasted an English muffin plain, but I buttered it.:(   He gathered goodies from around the house (as we do in a space lift).  Then he set up this display on the butcher block in the middle of the kitchen.  So, in the last few hectic days before Christmas, I hope someone takes the time to make you feel as special as I felt this morning, and that each one of us does the same for someone else.  Now off to the shop filled with the spirit of the season.
Thank you, John. ILY

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peeks at the Homefront

Feel as though I have finally made some headway in the decorating.  
Now on to the gift wrapping.
Present (1) 'neath the Tree
Got the first wrapped present under the tree.  It's actually a large cardboard carton from Amazon which we have orders not to open because there are gifts for John and me in there.  I was told to wrap it as is. So, isn't that nice, the first present under the tree is for me....not quite the spirit of the season.

Accompanied John on an errand today a little bit out of town, had exactly 10 minutes to spare before heading home for a scheduled meeting.  Made a quick stop and look what we found.  John left the store to start the car, and I was leaving with my one meager purchase when I spotted this. 
 A wonderful Christmas find
Was worried I had taken too much time and John would be late for his meeting.  Hadn't even gotten to the van yet, and the side door was opening and John was smiling.  He had a feeling I'd be coming out with the horse.  Think we've been married too long!? Right now he (the horse, not John) is sitting on a desk in my office/sun room which I am setting up as a kid's playroom, but he'll be around for the grand babies when they visit unless I decide to sell him (the horse, not John) in the store (I don't think so)

Here are a few of the "simplifying decorating" things I've been working on.

The Perfect Perch for Tina's Pretty Tree and Galvanized Star on thrift store find pedestal

Much more to share, but better finish the banister before I do... Just one more photo and time to call it a night.

The Reason for the Season

"God Bless Them Every One....." to quote Tiny Tim 
..and Good Night.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Featuring Felted Wool and More...

Advertising again in the Register Star GO section this weekend and next.  Giving you a sneak preview a couple of days ahead of time.  Stay tuned for a few more shots of the home decorating front...still trying to keep it simple and have managed to leave a few boxes not completely unpacked.  Maybe next year I'll not put them back up in the attic (or rather leave them at the bottom of the steps for John to take up to the attic).  John is the sentimental one who can't bear to part with anything that was on the tree or around the house when the kids were still home.  I listened in on an organizer's words to her client (my daughter) when she reminded her that we only have so much emotional energy, and it is much better to spend it on the people in our lives rather than on the things in our lives.  And I'll leave you with those words of wisdom as I go gather many more "things" to decorate for our simple Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day trip to Gilded Junque Yard

Guess what I found for the special ladies in my life.  Can't say. Would spoil the surprise.
Took a Sunday drive to The Gilded Junque Yard Open House in Woodstock, IL, because i love Jeannie's blog and goodies.  Found the perfect birthday gift for daughters, daughters in law, sisters, and couldn't resist getting a gift for myself.  Her home and displays were beautiful and Tina and I indulged a bit.  We also visited her booths in the Colonial Antique Mall, had lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed all the creativity and beauty surrounding us - truly an inspiration.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Simplifying this Christmas

Minimalist table scape
Trying to keep things a bit simpler, although, when it comes to Christmas, I may be constitutionally incapable of doing that.

This is my initial try--a rough burlap runner, a wire reindeer from Second Hand Rose, pine picks, and votives.

Really trying to do less but have as much impact.  I think one trick is to use what we have but embellish it -- a collection of white ironstone with white lights and greenery added. The bright lights make it difficult to see greenery in photo.  Have to work on that. Will also add more color.  (Haven't brought the ornaments down yet) Think it is going to be a much quieter Christmas this year and trying to keep that in mind as I decorate.

Greenery and lights with white ironstone and brown paper wine bag

Monday, November 21, 2011

Staging and Accessorizing make a big Difference

The store will be closed through Thanksgiving, because just about the whole family (25 of us) will be here for Thanksgiving, and there is lots to do.  But in the meantime, I want to share some before and after photos of a home we (a space lift) is in the process of staging.

Living room before  with love seat barely visible on the far left

 Usually, when we stage a home, we rearrange furniture and accessories and maybe shop for a few items to fill in the blanks.  In this case, we were doing more shopping because, aside from the furniture shown, there were very few existing items to work with.  

Floor length drapes in chocolate with slightly green tinted blue circles
Our starting points were the leather furniture pieces and the drapes shown above.

It took us a while and one rejected rug to find one that suited us and our client.  It is shown above in one of our photos.  The brown background and the progressively deeper and larger blue circles are perfect — love it.  Also shown are a few of the pillows which were added.

We found a thrift store oval larger scale oak coffee table, which was the right scale for the furniture including the end tables. It was painted in three steps — blue green, white, and stone, then distressed with the result giving the impression of driftwood — perfect for our ecologist who studied on the east coast. 

Rearranged living room with a few new accessories
We flip-flopped the sofa and love seat because we wanted the coffee table to align with the length of the rug and so that the wall art selected by our client would be a better size for the piece grounding it.
Love the weed wall art from CB2 which our client found.  Great pick!
Oops, almost forgot.  On the table is a primitive dough bowl (from Just A Second) with wool yarn balls in it.  Everything is safe for toddler in the home. There is a nice length of wall to the right of the sofa and table to accommodate a cupboard or hutch which is still on our shopping list.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sneak preview of White Christmas at Just A Second

Black and silver print with touch of burgundy

Giving you a sneak peek at Just A Second's Christmas finery.
No Open House event planned, but every Saturday there will be goodies and hot coffee, tea, or cider. 

From cottage to primitive, child to adult, we have a bit of everything. Hope to have special additions from Tina soon.  We'll get the word out as soon as we do.

Child's table and china, and shell art

And remember, anytime you hear someone say, "just a second", think of all the visual delights waiting for you on Main Street at Just A Second.

Official welcome display as you enter Just A Second.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look what we found

Amish dolls, print and simple pottery

Sometimes being on the hunt amazes me.  You don't set out to find anything special, but certain items become "just what you were looking for". For example, the little stuffed amish dolls in the photo:  we already had the framed amish print, and then we happened upon the dolls.  At the same time the pottery has the colors and feel of the the painting, so then we have a vignette—love it!

Silverplate tiered tray with lavender sachets

Need to refill this pretty silverplate tiered tray with Tina's popular lavender sachets.  The lavender is in tiny fabric "pillows" stamped with stripes and birds — makes a lovely little hostess gift in packets of 3's tied together with ribbon — perfect for Thanksgiving.

Found this somewhat chippy painted large hutch top which fits perfectly on a 1955 (made in Rockford) modern buffet with porcelain insets on the top. The buffet features large white porcelain knobs on the dovetailed drawers.  I am not usually drawn to mid century furniture, but the porcelain knobs are my downfall.  Couldn't resist.  And the fact that the hutch top fit as though it was made to order clinched the deal.  Love the blue and white with it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back in Business

After 10 days in Pittsburgh helping Elaina with new beautiful baby Matthew Robert and handsome 2 year old Andrew John, I'm back with a vengeance.  

Yesterday, friend, Lana came in with more goodies, and we decided on the spur of the moment to remove a whole bank of "attached to the wall" shelves.  They were driving me crazy because they limited options to rearrange room and because I think those goodies get buried below and behind and don't look their best.  

         Brought wrought iron table in from
         patio and did a silver and black
         tablescape. Looks like black
         and white photo but is not.

        Three tier painted wood table
         with silver and white accessories
        (Again photo appears to be
         black and white)

Being impulsive is not always very smart especially on a Friday afternoon when the store is open. Not only was much of the merchandise boxed up after being moved, but the room was a mess, and apologies were necessary.  Fortunately, Just A Second customers are nice. They just laughed and shopped and found something anyway.
Beautiful Ainsley Tole Lamp
on wonderful wood child's chair
with framed teddy bear print

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thanks to Tina, we advertised in the paper

Our business card size ad generated quite a bit of traffic
Our sales, both of Tina's beautiful felted wool pumpkins and other store items, were significantly  higher this past weekend.  I guess it does pay to get the word out.  I even had to open the store on Sunday for some out of town visitors who found all kinds of goodies. They got the word from the Visitor and Convention bureau.  

Then yesterday we were out on a decorating consulting call (a space lift).  Love to have the chance to work in someone's home and see and relay the possibilities. Plus, we can fill in the gaps with some purchased items, if we cannot find something suitable in the home. Gives us a chance to see what's out there so we can store up ideas for another job.

If you have any challenges, post it here, and we'll give it a sight unseen shot.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Playing Hooky

Will be closed on Wednesday to attend a one day conference.  

Tapestry fringed pillow
Have some new old things...lots of fall plus tapestry items and an enamel top table in great condition.  tempted to keep it as a plant table at home in our sun room.  It would make sense if I didn't kill most of my plants. We'll see. Right now it's at the store, so check us out on Thursday.  Hope the flood waters recede.  I'm anticipating a moat on the sidewalk to the shop.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We have felted wool pumpkins!

 Pumpkin displayed on primitive leather-latched pine box
Tina Rippy adds wonderful hand crafted items to our shop.  From Burlap and fabric rosettes to hand printed lavender sachets to tea infuser potpourri.  Her latest additions are rich, fall colored, felted pumpkins.  From selecting the yarns, to felting the wool, to designing and assembling the finished product, all are in Tina's capable and creative hands. Each is a work of art.

Felted wool pumpkins on vintage green ladder

Did I say we have felted wool pumpkins? a bushel basket full, and don't you love how they look on this small, paint-spattered vintage step ladder. They really complement each other.
doll cradle with felted pumpkins

We have a hand crafted doll cradle full of felted wool pumpkins.  If made in the USA and hand crafted and natural are important to you, Tina's lovingly crafted items at Just A Second are just what you are looking for.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the party's over

Just have to fill mini wire wheelbarrows with candy corn & pumpkins

Busy day yesterday, shopping, cooking, last minute straightening and cleaning, and finishing up the details.

It was so much fun -- laughing together, crying together, sharing stories, and thoroughly enjoying each other's company.

I mentioned how grateful I am for the Dollar Superstore-- for the bandanas (napkins and valances), the tags and raffia ties for napkin rings, and the scarecrows. Really sets the theme. 

After everyone left, husband John and I were returning table to normal position, got part way there, and John said he liked it that way.  So, for now, we are leaving the table at a diagonal--makes the area seem more open.  We'll see how long it lasts.

Friday, September 16, 2011

On the homefront

Entry way display with white pumpkins and orange leaves

Don't know about you, but I often need a bit of a push to get out the seasonal decorations for my own home.  All my time and energy seem to go to getting the shop in shape.  However, Monday I am having my mending club group (we don't really mend except for hearts and lives and friendships) for a light dinner and fun evening. Most of these girls are really into decorating and quite a few of them were at The Pink Cupboard including master decorator Sandy B, owner of that fantastic store. So started getting the house ready for the gathering. I'm in conflict, because I have decided to simplify, but I really want everything to look nice, since part of what we do is try to make everyone feel loved and special.


White ironstone soup tureen on natural linen
runner with collection of tarnished silver napkin rings
and real dried bittersweet (saved for as many
years as possible)

I really try to incorporate the seasonal touches amidst accessories I aleady have.  I like the way the white pumpkins in the entryway tie into the white ironstone in the dining room and how the orange touches and the aqua pedestal in the front hall complement the colors in the living room.

Check us out in a couple of days.  I'll be posting the back/gathering room with its campfire/cookout theme in full regallia.
Hint:  Love the Superdollar Store.  Can't believe what you can find there.

Table in front hall with orange, spice scented candle
and more bittersweet

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Falling in Love with Fall

We found this pair of coated wire mesh chairs and thought they would look as good inside as outside, so if they haven't sold by the time we close up the deck, we'll move them into the shop and include them in our "white Christmas" display, even though they are off white. In the meantime, they are surrounded by cat tails and mums and add a nice feel to our fall patio.  We look forward to your helping us celebrate one of our favorite seasons.

And speaking of inside the shop, we like it cozy and love how little lamps add to that feeling.  Pictured is a vintage Ainsley tole lamp that is in like new condition.  It's one of our favorites.

And finally we introduce "friendly Fred", an integral part of our outside lamp post display.  He needed a flannel shirt, and husband John volunteered one of his, but fussy Renie wanted something with a bit more punch, so went scouting for one, found it, and Fred seems pleased with the choice.  His smiling face will greet you as you approach Just A Second.  He is the focal point of a display which includes a hay bale, garden flag, an old bushel basket and some pumpkins.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Setting the Store for Fall

To Greet You when You Arrive at Just A Second
It's mid 80's outside, the AC is on inside, but we have already set the stage for Fall.  And I was always one of those who hated it when stores rushed the seasons.  

In my own defense, I have noticed that it's a bit darker when we get up for our morning walks, and the sun has a different slant to it, and I'm ready to change to a different look in the house.  Are you?

We have some hand crafted pottery pieces, wool yarn balls hand wound by Tina, primitive accents, tarnished silver and pewter in addition to painted furniture and light fixtures for your decorating desires. We also have candlesticks and tea light holders so you are ready to warm your space with a soft glow as the days get shorter.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Going green in more ways than one.

Antiques and Seconds are wonderful because they are all recycled.  
Here are a few of our "green" goodies, 
some not that old but all waiting to be put to good reuse.
Great green wrought iron wine rack
Some of our "greens" gathered on and about the bench
Green wire magazine rack

Vintage green metal shoe rack

Green wicker basket embellished with silk rose wreath