Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do these work?

Just A Second QR
a space lift
Just A Second Buzz
So, I don't even have a device that can read these, but rumor has it that if you scan the appropriate QR (quick response) code with the appropriate device, smart phone, etc., it will take you to the designated web presence.  I'll have to hear from someone else to see if they work or not.  Let me know in the comment section. Thanks.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All We Need Is Love

Awaiting me after my walk
This is what greeted me this A.M. after my walk.  I've put on a few pounds and was beating myself up, so John made the coffee (it's in the bible: Hebrews), hard boiled eggs, toasted an English muffin plain, but I buttered it.:(   He gathered goodies from around the house (as we do in a space lift).  Then he set up this display on the butcher block in the middle of the kitchen.  So, in the last few hectic days before Christmas, I hope someone takes the time to make you feel as special as I felt this morning, and that each one of us does the same for someone else.  Now off to the shop filled with the spirit of the season.
Thank you, John. ILY

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peeks at the Homefront

Feel as though I have finally made some headway in the decorating.  
Now on to the gift wrapping.
Present (1) 'neath the Tree
Got the first wrapped present under the tree.  It's actually a large cardboard carton from Amazon which we have orders not to open because there are gifts for John and me in there.  I was told to wrap it as is. So, isn't that nice, the first present under the tree is for me....not quite the spirit of the season.

Accompanied John on an errand today a little bit out of town, had exactly 10 minutes to spare before heading home for a scheduled meeting.  Made a quick stop and look what we found.  John left the store to start the car, and I was leaving with my one meager purchase when I spotted this. 
 A wonderful Christmas find
Was worried I had taken too much time and John would be late for his meeting.  Hadn't even gotten to the van yet, and the side door was opening and John was smiling.  He had a feeling I'd be coming out with the horse.  Think we've been married too long!? Right now he (the horse, not John) is sitting on a desk in my office/sun room which I am setting up as a kid's playroom, but he'll be around for the grand babies when they visit unless I decide to sell him (the horse, not John) in the store (I don't think so)

Here are a few of the "simplifying decorating" things I've been working on.

The Perfect Perch for Tina's Pretty Tree and Galvanized Star on thrift store find pedestal

Much more to share, but better finish the banister before I do... Just one more photo and time to call it a night.

The Reason for the Season

"God Bless Them Every One....." to quote Tiny Tim 
..and Good Night.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Featuring Felted Wool and More...

Advertising again in the Register Star GO section this weekend and next.  Giving you a sneak preview a couple of days ahead of time.  Stay tuned for a few more shots of the home decorating front...still trying to keep it simple and have managed to leave a few boxes not completely unpacked.  Maybe next year I'll not put them back up in the attic (or rather leave them at the bottom of the steps for John to take up to the attic).  John is the sentimental one who can't bear to part with anything that was on the tree or around the house when the kids were still home.  I listened in on an organizer's words to her client (my daughter) when she reminded her that we only have so much emotional energy, and it is much better to spend it on the people in our lives rather than on the things in our lives.  And I'll leave you with those words of wisdom as I go gather many more "things" to decorate for our simple Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day trip to Gilded Junque Yard

Guess what I found for the special ladies in my life.  Can't say. Would spoil the surprise.
Took a Sunday drive to The Gilded Junque Yard Open House in Woodstock, IL, because i love Jeannie's blog and goodies.  Found the perfect birthday gift for daughters, daughters in law, sisters, and couldn't resist getting a gift for myself.  Her home and displays were beautiful and Tina and I indulged a bit.  We also visited her booths in the Colonial Antique Mall, had lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed all the creativity and beauty surrounding us - truly an inspiration.