Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Miss Addy!

And DJ and Dawn...We are so excited. They are coming for a 4th of July wedding and then we'll be picnicking at Brian's farm. John and I get to babysit for the rehearsal dinner. We haven't seen her since March, and those few months make such a difference.

Hence the shop will be closed for a couple of days, and we'll be decorating the house for the 4th, to celebrate their coming, and their 4th of July wedding anniversary, and a great family get together.

Looks like she'll set the stage. Love her outfit!

Love the fourth!!! Red, white, and blue are so cheery. And I love that no matter whether it's checks, stripes, or a print, the color unites the scene. Have fun. Enjoy the holiday. Celebrate family.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Told you I was going to start small. Here it is.

Love to find unusual items to use as planters. This galvanized scoop does have to be watered more frequently, because of its size, but it's worth the extra bit of attention, don't you think?

The flag gives it the heft it needs to carry the responsibility of decorating the shop gate. How's that for a statement?

Going to call Handyman Morris today to see if he can finally finish the gate off the back of the deck. Can't get to the "back forty" to tend the vegetables, and flowers, and, unfortunately, the weeds which are thriving.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got a bug.

I got some bug over a week ago, and it really laid me low. Couldn't even find the energy to blog..didn't realize it took that much energy. Ever notice how everything becomes overwhelming when your energy is low. I can see how people get depressed if they are not feeling well. Life becomes too much to deal with. And when you are in that state, it's difficult to see the end. I felt as though I could plant 3 flowers and then had to lie down. Clean the kitchen, lie down. Make the bed, lie down on it. Sorry no photo this time. It would not be a pretty sight. I'll start small tomorrow when I reopen the shop and hopefully get my momentum back. Looking forward to being my old self.