Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday at Just A Second

As soon as I got to the shop I sprayed each dandelion with Weed B Gone. Hate to use that stuff, but those little yellow flowers will take over if I don't, and I think I have to have the outside looking somewhat attractive if I expect to attract visitors.

Was wondering if the shop would have any business today, thinking that everyone would be at The Churchill's Grove Garage sale. Pleasantly surprised--had lots of visitors and good sales. Served treats out on the new patio area. Had to shut the door later in the day, because it got so cold.

Also planted wild violets in the front porch window box, did a few of the planter ideas I've been thinking about - photos and descriptions another day.

Also played with a video during some down time. Bear with me. It's a bit boring, but first attempt.

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