Friday, August 29, 2014

Talk about Labor Day!!!

I thought moving to a booth would simplify my life a bit. And I guess that, since we are still in the relocation mode, we are not yet in the simplification stage. However, not only have things not been simplified, but selling one BIG piece that took up almost all of the back wall of the booth, has put me in the fast forward mode.

I have learned very quickly that I must find and redo more furniture so that I have more of a back log, items ready to fill in when something sells.

Yesterday and the day before were spent getting at least a few more things ready to go.
I have had the items in the picture below for a while, but decided to give them a face lift and update.
light wood kidney-shaped table and hairpin-back chair

Painted chairs

First step was to wash down the chairs and remove the seats in order to paint the frames. I used a spray enamel (much easier with all the small curved surfaces).  I didn't take a photo of the table-just plain black. I was probably focused too much on what I was going to do to embellish it. My thought was basically a starburst (sonic, atomic).

computer generated star embellished

Then I started the painting. First I had to make stencils out of stiff, coated paper.
It is basically a free hand design, I laid out the varying sizes of "points" and stenciled them in turquoise, being careful to do opposite sides so I didn't smear wet paint. Of course, I did smear wet paint. The points are not perfect; neither am I. (I am sure that is difficult for John to believe:). 

I then tried to cut out a circle but could not get it smooth enough, so I ran up to our trusty Dollar Superstore and found a geometry stencil with two different size circles on it.

I stencilled circles on the star points alternating red and gold, and today I have to varnish the top, so the surface and painting will be protected. It will be fast-drying varnish, so that I can get the three pieces over to the antique mall, before the big breakfront is removed. 

Then, of course, I will have to rearrange the booth with a new centerpiece on the back wall. Can you guess what theme will take center stage?

No, it is not real.  It is actually a vase. How cool is that!
What do you put in a skeleton head?!?

After all that,  I will be set for the BIG event of the weekend. Yes, it's the same link as above, but be sure to click to get the details on the "flea". And, while you are there, please "like" their page, so you can continue to get these announcements. Also be sure to "like" Just A Second,  so we can stay in touch. 

Looking forward to your visit!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Two Men and A Truck

I was at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK storefront Monday, where I also locked my keys in the car. While I was talking to AAA, the woman asked where I was...and what I was moving. She highly recommended TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, and she asked why I was there. She also LOVES antiques. I guess I can still have fun conversations, even if I do not have a store front.

The truck is arriving Wednesday AM to move as much as will fit in my booth, since my booth contract starts Friday. Now, imagine emptying breakfronts with all that "stuff", and trying to find a place for all that, while you are removing most of the pieces that can hold it, and you are having a sale to sell quite a bit of those goodies, which you want to be displayed somewhere other than the floor. 

Such is the confusing situation at Just A Second this week... and that is what is waking me up even earlier than my usual pretty early wake-up time. 

AAA came, and it's a bit disconcerting to witness how easy it is to break into a locked car with just a couple of simple gadgets. It is important to remember that It takes just one call in distress to pay for the membership - well worth it!

Before I left, I showed the office person, I was working with, Ann's artwork and suggested they might want to change their logo to the art Ann Nellie's Barn Sale provided, at which point I heard the story of the grandmother of the guys who started Two Men and a Truck, providing the logo for the business.  And another reminder...that friendly conversations are everywhere. 

Don't forget our sale, inside and out (weather permitting). It is Saturday, August 16, 9-4, at Just A Second, 1710 N. Main St., and starting this afternoon, you can also visit the East State Mall at our new location. See if you can find Just A Second.  It would also be nice if you "liked" my new location. Yes, right now we have two locations. Aren't you impressed!

Monday, August 11, 2014

A New Chapter Begins

We woke up this past week to a different sky - very apparent from the vantage point of our "sleeping porch" room. Our bedroom has eight windows in it, and this summer, with its cool nights and no need for the air conditioning, has been wonderful, like sleeping under the stars, in the fresh air minus the bugs.

I wake up without an alarm between 5:30 and 6:00 AM, and every morning this past week, I have thought it was going to be a rainy day, in spite of the forecasts to the contrary. 

Yes, the days are getting shorter, and the 7:00 walking time will be more difficult, just because of the later sunrise.

Soon it will be time to "cozy" up our room, but not yet. It is August, after all, and still summer.

The view from my desk/nightstand
Here is the other side of the room and a bit of the 
wicker settee where I sit when, John, (Carson to all 
you Downton Abbey fans) sometimes brings me my
morning coffee.
Here is the view from where I sit, down to the back yard where summer 
is in full bloom.  Can you tell the photo is taken through the screen?

And this August, August 15 to be exact, there will be more changes than just the shortening of the daylight hours. That date is the kick-off for the relocating and downsizing of Just A Second from our shop on North Main Street to a booth at the East State Antique Mall. The booth is the size of just one room at the shop, so our having to relocate is to your advantage. 

Saturday, August 16, we will be having a relocation sale in our parking lot where many items will be priced as you would expect at a yard sale. Other items in the store will be greatly reduced to facilitate vacating by October - all part of the state's plan to widen North Main Street (Highway 2), and to add a recreation path to the west side of the highway.

As you can imagine, it is a mixed bag of feelings I share.

Change is scary but also exciting. I am excited to be in a new and different location and to have a different space to make my own, but I will miss the shop and the one-to-one interaction with all the friends I have made during the five years the shop has been open.

I love that I can keep my "hand in the game" of antiquing and decorating, and do it all - the picking, and the staging, and the personalizing on a much smaller scale.

I am looking forward to having more free time to visit our children and their families scattered across this vast country. 

I also love that, once again, I will spend more time at home to take care of the long overdue, refreshing and repainting of our house.

So, please spread the word, my friends, by sharing this post through your social networks.
I am looking forward to your visit.