Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I am closed for the month of July to paint. I have been looking at our house with a very critical eye.  Sometimes taking photos really helps.  We get so used to seeing things that we don't really see them. 

And, it has been quite a while since some rooms have been painted, including the living room and dining room, which really needed freshening up. I had no desire to change the color, because I didn't want to have things reupholstered or have to buy furniture because the walls no longer worked. As boring as it sounds, I just wanted to use the same wall color, so one coat would do the job. 

I could remember the name of the color and the brand of paint we used when we had it all painted several years ago.

So, I went to our friendly Ace Hardware store and told them the paint colors.  They were able to look them up and reproduce them and bonus!!!, they did it in Benjamin Moore Paint which they sold to me at the same "buy one, get one free" sale price of their house Kensington and Clark paint, which FYI, is rated #1 by consumer reports. 

And because I needed 2 gallons of wall paint and 1 gallon of trim paint, I could get another gallon FREE, I ordered the paint shown in the bedroom photos above.  It is called Lucky Charm by Kensington and Clark, but it is almost identical to Benjamin Moore's "Smoke".

If you are like our children, you are probably incredulous regarding the size of our bed. Yes, it is a full size. On the other hand, I am the only one who can use the bed spread which was my mother's. It is muslim with chenille crewel work embroidery. It is a bit fussy for me, but nice and summery, so it will work for a while. 

Since painting is the chore of the month, any blogging I do will be about, what else?, painting!

The shop will be open today, Wednesday, July 16, from 11-2, since I have books to ship, and some customers coming in by appointment: 815-978-3071. Then it's back to painting an upstairs bathroom. No rest for the wicked.