Monday, February 20, 2017

Catching Up!

Can you believe I started this post on November 2, and never finished it and have hardly blogged since. I really admire the big time bloggers who blog almost every day. I guess you now know something I will never be - a big time blogger!

State of mind has so much to do with it, not to mention schedules, energy level, etc. In reality it looks as though I took the whole Christmas season off. Not so. First there was Thanksgiving and all the prep that goes with that, when at some point during that gratitude weekend, we are blessed with the presence of the whole family all together in one place at one time. Some of you have seen the staircase photo before, but here it is again updated: This was on our MIT day, "Maggie's Institute of Tortellini", named for my mother. We usually make the tortellini for everyone's Christmas dinner. But those who fly in are unable to take them with them, and so, in order that all may share in the "work of their hands", we had tortellini and Pizza in our home the day after Thanksgiving and following our tortellini workshop.

The Gile Grands

And of course, Christmas, decorating and shopping, but on Christmas Day itself, the house is quiet and so we take a day trip and take turns bestowing one or two of our three in-state families with the "pleasure" of having us for coffee or dinner or dessert, whatever works out. This year we were in Morris, IL with Brian and family for coffee and breakfast pizza and then with Annie and family in Peoria for our Christmas dinner. So much fun to be part of their family Christmas celebrations. Always regret when I forget to take a photo.

Next Thanksgiving, another little one will be joining us. Elaina is expecting her baby the end of this month, so Andrew, Matthew, and Catherine will have a new baby brother or sister. I think they look pretty excited, don't you think?!?! And I am excited to be able to join them for this very special event!

Catherine, Andrew, and Matthew

Another blessing! 
One can never have too many blessings!


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Looking back...

Looking back through old drafts and came upon this one from 2012. I guess I never finished it. Looking at it now is a bit nostalgic since the shop is no longer there. It was taken for the widening of Illinois Highway 2, North Main Street. 

Redid the front porch, adding a white bench, window frame, pink instead of bright coral accents, (until the coral color hibiscus blooms). Love changing the whole feel of an area by just moving things around a bit.

Move forward to today, 2/18/2017, and again anticipating Spring. 

It's also funny to see that everything on the page is no longer with me either. All were sold! I guess that is a good thing.

Time marches on.