Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out on the Deck

Well my camera battery died and I am still at the shop, so am going to try to use phone photos.  Got a couple of new/old items moved to the deck yesterday so here we go.  Little bit warm out there.

First up is this very well made vintage porch swing.  Don't you love the top of the back?  It's really unusual.  It's all decked out for the 4th of July with its blue and white pillow (with woven straw backing) and a vintage picnic basket in red and white, topped with blue enamelware coffee pot and cups.  Scene wouldn't be complete without a flag, shown behind cute white sprinkling can. 
Next we have an old frame with a sunburst on it all backed with screening.  It sits on 2 legs and you have to use your imagination as for uses.  One of my first thoughts was a twin bed headboard.  It spans 42 inches which is a bit wider than the standard twin bed, but I am sure it could be adapted.  Or could be a nice element for a back yard. Right now it is hard to imagine ever wanting to sit out in the yard or the porch again, but this too shall pass.  Stay cool.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Glitz or Glam, and oh so much more.

A little bit of Glitz, a little bit of Glam, all vintage, all to dress up your spaces and make your dressin' up just a bit more fun.

Whether it's a 40's era silverplate beveled mirror, or a rhinestone studded stand mirror. 
Or how about this pale pink 50's (you can't see them), but also studded with rhinestones with a few missing, wastebasket.

Then there's the typical Palm Beach style box purse with a lucite handle.  Actually we have two, both in beautiful condition.


Short gloves, long gloves, black purse, pearl purse, heavy oval mirrored dresser trays, and a hand-painted ceramic box from Italy for a few of your special things

Never know what you are going to find at Just A Second.  Accessorize you. Accessorize your home. 

Looking forward to your visit.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Flag Day at Just A Second

 At one point when I was a stay-at-home mom, and the 4th of July was approaching, flags were everywhere in the house - BIG flags, small flags, new flags, old flags, bright flags, tea stained flags, flag plaques, flag pillows to the point where one of our daughters remarked that it was a bit overdone and said it with a look on her face that was definitely questioning my sanity.  


Every room had a flag - above the fireplace, at each entry, in at least one corner of every room.

 I'm sure it had something to do with having a son in the army and being proud and worried at the same time. At any rate, as I was taking photos of the shop today, it brought back that memory.But really, can you ever have too many flags?


We have a cute set of americana plates, not really a set, but they do look cute together. They definitely have a patriotic theme - including one with an apple pie on it.
And of course we happened to have a red wire basket with an apple motif so guess where the plate looked just right.  Would look really cute in the center of a table. 

We have blue pots and blue vases, red vases, white ironstone, and white milk glass - all things to put together with your favorite patriotic decorations

I could go on and on and often do, but better get this posted before Flag Day has come and gone.

Happy Flag Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting ready for the 4th

Should be washing the kitchen floor and cleaning the bathrooms today, but being the undisciplined person that I am, I'm doing, actually did, a fun project.  Have had this piece of rustic fencing for years, always intending to do a flag with it.  Finally, just in time for the 4th and accessorized with antique razor ribbon (similar to barbed wire) shaped into a big star, it'll be available for sale. (Hope you can see the star in
 the photo). 

Before husband John braced it, it swayed.  And it didn't look like a flag waving, but rather just a slanted flag.  Now it is firmly in place and painted and ready to set out on a porch or patio or even inside in a great room or entry if that is your style.

Also for those who like things a bit more neat and tidy, we have a cute grapevine star with a mini liberty bell and patriotic ribbon.  It is seen here on our back door, but soon will be at the shop.

I really try to use what I have and put it together in a new way so it conveys the feel of the holiday.  Can be as simple as a flag in a blue pot or planting red, white, and blue flowers such as red geraniums, blue lobelia, and white petunias in a galvanized tote.
The important thing is that it reflects your personality while decorating for the occasion.