Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tough hunting this time of year

I am finally going to announce my new site, . I was hesitant to announce it because I don't have a very big store at this point, but, as they say, nothing ventured-nothing gained. I will say it is not an easy time to hunt for treasures. It is very cold here in northern Illinois, so there are few venues for finding goodies. I will continue to work at it and try to post my new finds on Fridays and through the weekend. Happy treasure hunting.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's so sunny that it doesn't look all that different. We removed the garden tea cart and floral rug and seat cushions, replacing them with wood tones, braided rug, plaid pillows and wool blanket thus adding a warmer touch. Since the room is intrinsically a sun room the basic furnishings are of the lighter, more summery variety to suit the summertime screened porch use.

Visit to see more staging examples.

In another vein, today was a heartwarming day taking place at a typically sad event - a funeral. By chance, I noticed the obituary of the mother of a long lost old friend (she had been in our wedding party), but we had lost touch for more than 30 years. It took us a moment, but we recognized each other and hugged and cried and caught up and, hopefully, are renewing a wonderful friendship. Life is full and good.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Talk about cold! Looks like I am going to find a stay-at-home project, so I don't have to go outside. I need to finish my How do I put a shipping calculator on my site? I am sure I will figure it out or find someone who can help.

I dug up a photo of my summer look office/sunroom. It makes me long for those warm, sunny days of summer. This was a room which had to be changed drastically to look more warm and cozy for winter. Maybe, tomorrow, I'll post the transformation. Hint: there are a lot of plaids in it! Again stay tuned and stay warm.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just A Second Buzz

Brrr. It’s cold, and so how do you decorate for January? Magazines tell us to simplify, use blue, silver, snowman, etc. Doesn’t do much to warm up a room, does it?

This year I’m thinking patriotic - red (retains some of that Christmas warmth) President-elect Obama being inaugurated - flags, patriotic, similar to 4th of July (now that’s warm!) - I’ve got some wonderful trays for your inauguration party. (see And....they are just $3.00 each.

As soon as that is over, we’re ready for Valentine’s Day. Already doing some of that with my musical Elvis Valentine candy boxes. Yes, I was a really big Elvis fan.

Keep warm