Monday, May 23, 2011

It doesn't take much

Welcome to Renie's fantasy world. It doesn't take much for me to imagine I'm in Italy. I exit the shop, step down from the deck onto the weathered buff colored patio brick (with the remains of someone's brilliant idea to paint the bricks green!) and look at this scene, while sipping my iced tea or coffee (depending on the weather).

Granted, the little boy on the bench is more typically American than classical, and the wood crate has side panels written in English, not Italian, but I somehow get the feel of Europe.

Now you know why my father called me Pollyanna, not always in a complimentary sort of way:). However, I am grateful that the good Lord blessed me with the ability to be happy with what I have and the imagination to see what can be.

Sad ending: the horrible winds we had last night blew the window down, not only breaking the bottom panes of glass, but destroying the bottom interior window framing as well. We'll see if the E 6000 miracle glue my friend Tina told me about, can perform another miracle. I'll keep you posted.

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