Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look what we found

Amish dolls, print and simple pottery

Sometimes being on the hunt amazes me.  You don't set out to find anything special, but certain items become "just what you were looking for". For example, the little stuffed amish dolls in the photo:  we already had the framed amish print, and then we happened upon the dolls.  At the same time the pottery has the colors and feel of the the painting, so then we have a vignette—love it!

Silverplate tiered tray with lavender sachets

Need to refill this pretty silverplate tiered tray with Tina's popular lavender sachets.  The lavender is in tiny fabric "pillows" stamped with stripes and birds — makes a lovely little hostess gift in packets of 3's tied together with ribbon — perfect for Thanksgiving.

Found this somewhat chippy painted large hutch top which fits perfectly on a 1955 (made in Rockford) modern buffet with porcelain insets on the top. The buffet features large white porcelain knobs on the dovetailed drawers.  I am not usually drawn to mid century furniture, but the porcelain knobs are my downfall.  Couldn't resist.  And the fact that the hutch top fit as though it was made to order clinched the deal.  Love the blue and white with it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back in Business

After 10 days in Pittsburgh helping Elaina with new beautiful baby Matthew Robert and handsome 2 year old Andrew John, I'm back with a vengeance.  

Yesterday, friend, Lana came in with more goodies, and we decided on the spur of the moment to remove a whole bank of "attached to the wall" shelves.  They were driving me crazy because they limited options to rearrange room and because I think those goodies get buried below and behind and don't look their best.  

         Brought wrought iron table in from
         patio and did a silver and black
         tablescape. Looks like black
         and white photo but is not.

        Three tier painted wood table
         with silver and white accessories
        (Again photo appears to be
         black and white)

Being impulsive is not always very smart especially on a Friday afternoon when the store is open. Not only was much of the merchandise boxed up after being moved, but the room was a mess, and apologies were necessary.  Fortunately, Just A Second customers are nice. They just laughed and shopped and found something anyway.
Beautiful Ainsley Tole Lamp
on wonderful wood child's chair
with framed teddy bear print

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thanks to Tina, we advertised in the paper

Our business card size ad generated quite a bit of traffic
Our sales, both of Tina's beautiful felted wool pumpkins and other store items, were significantly  higher this past weekend.  I guess it does pay to get the word out.  I even had to open the store on Sunday for some out of town visitors who found all kinds of goodies. They got the word from the Visitor and Convention bureau.  

Then yesterday we were out on a decorating consulting call (a space lift).  Love to have the chance to work in someone's home and see and relay the possibilities. Plus, we can fill in the gaps with some purchased items, if we cannot find something suitable in the home. Gives us a chance to see what's out there so we can store up ideas for another job.

If you have any challenges, post it here, and we'll give it a sight unseen shot.