Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anniversary Flowers Saved

Found a way to preserve anniversary floral arrangement. I have a large grapevine wreath which my RI sister made from her grapevines. I decorate it for the seasons -- bare for Lent, evergreens and plaid bow for Christmas. I've had different artificial floral or purchased wreaths for Spring and Summer. This year I came home after Easter to dead roses from a bouquet John had sent on our anniversary. I was about to pitch it, but instead reused the flowers on the wreath, added my own ribbon, including a cute pink, yellow, and blue check piece leftover from daughter-in-law Dawn's baby shower gift wrapping. I love how it looks and the fact that the roses will last a little bit longer and that special memories are displayed and preserved.

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  1. what a great way to preserve your anniversary flowers! interesting and good idea! these yellow flowers are very beautiful, by the way!!! thanks for these tips!


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