Monday, January 14, 2013

Evansville WI and 2 shops

Had a wonderful day visiting Evansville, WI yesterday.  Very cute little town with fun shopping. It was a beautiful drive with the snow cover...old barns, fences,etc.  First stop Vintage Birch Barn.  Promised a couple of photos of our goodies, so here goes. (Husband John is upset with himself for not taking photos while we were there.) 

Shops were open only until 2, and we didn't leave as early as planned, so our time was a bit limited, but we filled it well.  Met Erin and two of her daughters and her husband - beautiful family, wonderful shop. Erin had to apologize for it being a bit sparse.  Nice problem to have: busy Saturday with lots of purchases. I followed Jeannie Labelle's advice - the bit of shopping we did was for us, not for our shop. Otherwise it's a work day not a play day.

Part of January's organizing goal is to do something about my home office desk.  It is always stacked with things I avoid, like bill paying and note writing. Do you notice how every year all the January issues of magazines focus on organizing?  I'm getting the message.

Here is first purchase. As Erin explained, it is a stackable section of an old metal pharmacy cabinet. The front of the cabinet drops down to reveal the sections inside. When closed, all looks neat and tidy. And putting wire basket of "to do's" on top of it doesn't take up more space on the desk top. The goal is to deal with it instead of letting it overflow. We'll see.

Also purchased some wonderfully fresh and clean scented soy candles to make a closed up winter house smell like a early Spring day.

Got recommendations and directions from Erin's husband on where to find another shop and where to go for a late lunch.  Stayed too long at the second shop, Studio Repeats, visiting Sue and sharing difficulties in trying to use Quick Books when just about every item of inventory is one of a kind. Got to the late lunch place late, and it was closed:(

Back to the fun stuff.  Found a really cute primitive white table at Studio Repeats for our eating/tv-watching/family room area off the kitchen. 

Wanted something tall enough to put a laptop on, so I don't feel too guilty watching a Hallmark movie, since I can productively use the ad times. We can also put our dinner plates on it if we want to eat while watching a movie or the news. Her shop is home to Fancy Farm Girl. She had the cutest glass fronted small cupboard made out of barn boards and an old chippy white framed window for the door.

These talented shopkeepers have a real knack for putting things together in a new way and finding up-to-the-minute industrial and farm style cool junk. My own style is more of a mix of English country cottage and refined primitive, but I love adding touches of the rusty, shabby elements to the mix. We were tired but so happy with our Sunday drive. Thank you, Nellie's Barn Sale for spreading the news. Happy Junkin'.

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