Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo at left shows window trim color.

Here are the beautiful (as of today) photos - the leaning broken fence, the plywood door inset, the bricks and weeds, and the long view of our tiny shop patio. We will attempt to make it appear twice as wide :) and picture perfect.
The table shown is presently on Craigs List together with 4 chairs, cushions, and umbrella It was way too large for our tiny space and didn't have the look we are striving for. Tomorrow a handy man is coming to help with fence placement and hopefully frame out the too steep cement stoop. I want to make it wider and add a step all around. Have to watch for liability issues since we are a business. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I will work on the fence I am making out of small wild cherry trees.

Photo at left shows style I'm into -- rustic, a la fleamarket, touch of whimsy.

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