Thursday, April 14, 2011

fence getting fixed

Handyman Morris came today (his other job was cancelled), so he was able to start fixing the fence. I talked to him about the stoop and potential for tripping, etc., so I think he's going to build a small deck the level of the doorway, so people can go directly from the store out to the deck/patio. We also found a capped over electric box, so we can get a light over the door. We'll leave the brick part as an entry from the yard. I'll try to save some of the bricks for replacements before they get decked over. He also suggested, since we have to shorten the downspout, that we have a rain barrel, which would be great for watering the planters I plan on putting together, using interesting vintage old world war II ammunition box, a hand made doll bed, an old Ford Motor parts bin from Ingersoll among other more conventional planters. Hopefully, it'll be nice enough tomorrow that he can get all the fence posts put in, so I can start building my twig fence. Should be interesting.

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