Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am so bummed. I started to download the photos I thought I took this afternoon, and there is nothing to import. I took a photo of the peeling window frames, the multicolored concrete stoop with red and green and white paint all chipping off, and the yard debris and dandelions (they sure come out early), and, the grand finale, the fence that someone from the parking lot next door must have crashed into, because a post is wobbly and a couple of boards are broken. I'll still be able to photograph dandelions, and the fence, and the missing bricks.

But now I've already painted the window tri
m. I was going to do it aqua, but after priming it and seeing how difficult it is to do evenly because of caulk, etc., I decided to keep it neutral. I also looked at the aqua paint and painted something else with it and decided it would be way too bright. I painted the stoop the same neutral. It is called "stone". Looks much better.

We had someone fix the storm door. He was supposed to replace it, but couldn't find the right size, so he "fixed" the old one by removing the windows and filling them in with plywood. I hate it. I am going to remove the plywood, staple some screening in its place and finish it off with trim. I want a screen door to open out on the patio, so I get a breeze on nice days. I'll get a photo of the lovely door tomorrow also. I don't know if you'll be able to see the warped plywood or not. I'm not making our little shop sound too appealing, so I will attach a photo so you can see the front and know it's pretty cute.

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