Monday, November 21, 2011

Staging and Accessorizing make a big Difference

The store will be closed through Thanksgiving, because just about the whole family (25 of us) will be here for Thanksgiving, and there is lots to do.  But in the meantime, I want to share some before and after photos of a home we (a space lift) is in the process of staging.

Living room before  with love seat barely visible on the far left

 Usually, when we stage a home, we rearrange furniture and accessories and maybe shop for a few items to fill in the blanks.  In this case, we were doing more shopping because, aside from the furniture shown, there were very few existing items to work with.  

Floor length drapes in chocolate with slightly green tinted blue circles
Our starting points were the leather furniture pieces and the drapes shown above.

It took us a while and one rejected rug to find one that suited us and our client.  It is shown above in one of our photos.  The brown background and the progressively deeper and larger blue circles are perfect — love it.  Also shown are a few of the pillows which were added.

We found a thrift store oval larger scale oak coffee table, which was the right scale for the furniture including the end tables. It was painted in three steps — blue green, white, and stone, then distressed with the result giving the impression of driftwood — perfect for our ecologist who studied on the east coast. 

Rearranged living room with a few new accessories
We flip-flopped the sofa and love seat because we wanted the coffee table to align with the length of the rug and so that the wall art selected by our client would be a better size for the piece grounding it.
Love the weed wall art from CB2 which our client found.  Great pick!
Oops, almost forgot.  On the table is a primitive dough bowl (from Just A Second) with wool yarn balls in it.  Everything is safe for toddler in the home. There is a nice length of wall to the right of the sofa and table to accommodate a cupboard or hutch which is still on our shopping list.