Friday, September 16, 2011

On the homefront

Entry way display with white pumpkins and orange leaves

Don't know about you, but I often need a bit of a push to get out the seasonal decorations for my own home.  All my time and energy seem to go to getting the shop in shape.  However, Monday I am having my mending club group (we don't really mend except for hearts and lives and friendships) for a light dinner and fun evening. Most of these girls are really into decorating and quite a few of them were at The Pink Cupboard including master decorator Sandy B, owner of that fantastic store. So started getting the house ready for the gathering. I'm in conflict, because I have decided to simplify, but I really want everything to look nice, since part of what we do is try to make everyone feel loved and special.


White ironstone soup tureen on natural linen
runner with collection of tarnished silver napkin rings
and real dried bittersweet (saved for as many
years as possible)

I really try to incorporate the seasonal touches amidst accessories I aleady have.  I like the way the white pumpkins in the entryway tie into the white ironstone in the dining room and how the orange touches and the aqua pedestal in the front hall complement the colors in the living room.

Check us out in a couple of days.  I'll be posting the back/gathering room with its campfire/cookout theme in full regallia.
Hint:  Love the Superdollar Store.  Can't believe what you can find there.

Table in front hall with orange, spice scented candle
and more bittersweet

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