Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inspiration, lots of work, and transforming a table

Picked this up (literally) on a very cold winter morning before my walking buddy and I went for our morning walk. She helped me get it into the car (spider eggs and all), put up with my stopping at home to unload it, and helped me get it into the garage.

What follows is the tale of what we vintagettes must do to bring an item to the point where we can sell it.

This is what it looked like when I brought it in, (minus the spider eggs and nicely aged and worn hardware). Then it was sanded and the drawer was removed and the first coat of paint was applied.

What is not evident are the slightly water damaged wood feet (under the curved part of the leg), the drawer bottom, which was in 3 separated paper thin layers that would not support anything, the bottom layer of which caught under the drawer when opening and closing.

Then, when I looked more closely at the drawer, one side was completely split from front to back.

I think you get the picture:  imagining a finished product is easy (sort of). Attaining that finished product often requires much work and/or money  before it is ready to be shown off. I (or John, or someone) must glue the side back together, cut and fit a new drawer bottom into the existing grooves, fit the dove tails back together, (some "tails" of which are also split), paint and sand lightly, and paint again, etc.

My inspiration, in this case, is a table I found on a blog (and I cannot find it again:() when I was browsing.

It, too, has damaged feet and a scuffed and imperfect finish, and this is the feel I want the finished table to have (even though it is nowhere as ornate as the table pictured.)  I am hoping it will be at Just A Second this weekend while Stella & Notte's Spring Celebration is happening, March 28 and 29. You can be sure I will post it if I am successful.  Looking forward to your visit.