Thursday, April 24, 2014

Full speed ahead

So much going on, as has always been the case when we approach May.  And the end of April, beginning of May, 2014, even with children all grown, is no exception. 

This weekend, April 25 and 26, is the Vintage Shop Hop. And so we have been getting ready for that, although not nearly as ready as I would like to be. Thank goodness Devola and Tina are part of Just A Second and have provided some terrific goodies for garden and home.  

You can see a few concrete garden goodies, and there are plenty more out on the deck.
There are also some wire pieces and rusty industrial items which can accent garden areas. Can't you see that tractor light sitting on your patio amongst some purple and orange potted plants?

We have adorned some beautiful, made in the USA birch twig wreaths with burlap and vintage pins, etc., for your front door. We even sprayed a few in aqua, gray, or white to give you a bit of a choice. And we have this large barbed wire wreath that would look absolutely terrific on a barn or the side of a garage. It's heavy, so it needs a sound structure for its home.

And speaking of barns, it look like Bessie here escaped and is peeking in your screen door!
She would be perfect on your porch or hanging on your kitchen wall - nice and light so easy to put anywhere. Warning: the screen is pretty rusty and full of holes, but still looks terrific.

 As is often the case, most of our items are one of a kind, although there may be two "Bessies" if time allows.

Check out these state line vintage shops in Illinois and Wisconsin who are all Punch Card Participants. If you get to a least 16 of them over the two days and get your card punched, you will get entered in the drawing for a $500 worth of gift certificates for a vintage shopping spree. See you this weekend! Looking forward to your visit.