Monday, March 10, 2014

A Change of Scene is a Good Thing

Yes, a change of scene is good, but what makes it really special is the new little person who joined our family on February 19.  Catherine Ann arrived as the first little girl after two boys, and it is a good thing.  

When the oldest, Andrew, was told there would be a new baby in the house, but that it could be a baby brother or sister, he proclaimed that it would be a girl, because he already had a little brother and didn't need a another one.

 And obviously, they think this tiny little person is quite special.

Nana put a sign on the door of the shop, packed up a few girly outfits, and a bit of nursery decor and headed west to Salt Lake City.What a nice change of pace: cuddling a new baby, and cooking for a family of five instead of for just the two of us, walking outside in sometimes 60 degree weather, visiting with daughter Elaina and being around a couple of very active little boys, who actually couldn't wait for papa to arrive because he is a lot more fun.

And, of course, we had fun dressing little Catherine.


And did we mention that she has shoes. One of Elaina's friends has a girl who has outgrown some shoes and she sent a couple of bags of them to Elaina for Catherine. Apparently people love to buy shoes for baby girls. 

It was certainly a full 10 days and we were a bit sad to say goodbye. We won't see them again until May, and there will be such a change by then. 

I do wish families were not so separated from each other. It was really nice to grow up and raise children in the same city as our parents where we could just drop in, as could they, have coffee, go to lunch, etc., but, we will be grateful for messages and emails and photos - until we meet again.

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