Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Regrouping after an outdoor event

Have been trying to get the shop put together after tearing it apart for Artsy at Edgebrook. Thanks to so many of you for stopping by to say hi.  We were very happy when the weather cleared by 11:00. 

After working in the yard for 3 hours Tuesday, I was not quite ready to tackle the shop, but since we open again today, I had no choice. 

Here are a couple of peaks at our front room.  Notice the sign.  That was done at 2:00 AM when I couldn't get to sleep the night before the Artsy event.

It is a bit unusual for us to have vinyl seated chairs, but couldn't resist these and the small kidney shaped coffee table one of the chairs is resting on. I won't paint the light colored wood because the table has a 50's feel to it, and the chairs go so well with it.

I learn something new every day. I looked up bentwood chairs and saw a photo of a chair such as these, and many of you probably already know this, but I didn't.  They are called hairpin back chairs, because the back resembles a hair pin. And how many of you are familiar with hair pins?

Here's another shot of crates and baskets and beachy accessories,
plus another modern vinyl chair with chrome trim.  If it's soft aqua, I love it, especially during these blue sky, blue water days of summer.  The color goes so well with browns and whites.  Color can tie items together even when they are from entirely different eras and of totally different styles. 

I was home getting dinner ready when John got home and told me the shop looked nice. I said it isn't finished yet.  His response: it's never finished.  Got that right. It's always a work in progress.

And talk about progress, we've been doing that for four years this month.  Please join us this Saturday to help us celebrate with treats and door prizes, and discounts - 11-3 - Saturday, June 22.  Happy Birthday, Just A Second!

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