Thursday, July 11, 2013

Playing with items and photos

Rusty old cash drawer in heavy steel

I'm gathering items to sell in my etsy store, and, of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

In the process  I have found out how much simpler it is to use white as a background and not try to set up a vignette as I have done in the past. We are always learning.

Black and rusty cranberry scoop

Pair of Homer Laughlin platters

It also helped that I picked out all black and white and grey items.

It's funny how our moods of the moment affect our projects and picks.  Sometimes I'll set out looking for items that fall into such a category, either to add accents to an event at home, or to set up a display at the shop.

Single square "New York" plate
By themselves, items may not stand out, but together they have an impact. These old J.L. Clark canisters are much more interesting because the finish has worn off in areas, giving them an almost rusty look, and of course, we all know that rust is in. It makes a very traditional design have a bit of an edge.
J.L. Clark canisters

Design detail
(Click on the link to see how some of these items can be used in your decorating scheme. justasecondonmain)

While listed on etsy, they will also be on display at the shop. So, if we have piqued your curiosity, stop in.  We look forward to 
your visit.

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