Monday, June 10, 2013

Shopping at the Shop for a Shower

This post was actually composed on Saturday night, but since I never know who is going to be seeing it, (I've actually had people from Russia, France, and other far away places) I didn't want to spoil any surprises.  So, if I go back and forth in tenses, please understand that I am even more mixed up than usual.

Sunday was my niece's wedding shower.  She was not there because she lives in Switzerland, so it was a Skype shower. 

I had ordered a couple of soup bowls from her registry, and unfortunately, one arrived chipped around the rim, so I'll have to send it back and get another.

The gift seemed a bit boring, so I decided to shop for a little something exciting to add to the soup bowls.  There is a theme to all this, and it all centers around this rooster.

This glass rooster was on display at the shop.  One of our fellow treasure hunters brought it in last week. 

In our family, chicken soup is a staple.  My mom served it every Sunday at family dinner.  So with soup bowls goes the chicken (rooster). And, my sister, my niece's mother, uses a rooster as her Lenten kitchen table centerpiece. (before the cock crows...etc.) so Katie can now follow her mother's tradition. And, coincidentally, Katie is marrying a French Swiss native, so this traditional symbol of Provence will feel right at home in her home.

The hat box came from the shop.  It accommodated the rooster much better than any other box I tried, and it didn't even have to be wrapped.  Just threaded ribbon through the side holes of the hat box and used it to hold the bow on the top.

Our tag line for Just A Second is "Gifts and Decor with a Past"
Keep that in mind when you want to add a little excitement to your gift giving. Looking forward to your visit.

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