Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Linens and memories

After being referred by Nellie's Barn Sale to a site on organizing your linen closet, I decided to survey the situation at home.  Pictured is a big part of my solution.  With 5 bedrooms (including the one in the attic) and multiple beds and multiple set of sheets for each, the linen closet was bursting at the seams.

But one day on an outing to Galena, I spied a sign outside of Galena for a yard sale.  Of course, we had to stop, and this cupboard was in the yard at a ridiculously low price. This probably typifies my style more than any other style of furniture.  I love pine, and I love this warm finish.  That is why I say I like refined primitive, because I do like this look. 

It fit perfectly in an upstairs corner of the hallway right outside the bathroom door.  It became our towel cupboard.  I was able to remove all the towels from the linen closet and clear that shelf space for sheets, blankets, extra pillows, and bed spreads.

You'll notice I have all white towels except for a few royal blue hand towels which go in the 1/2 bath off one bedroom used as a guest room.

White towels became a necessity when kids became teenagers and started using face cream containing peroxide which wreaked havoc on any colored towel.  Now I love white towels since they go with anything and they can be bleached.  

On the top of the cupboard are 3 mini chairs which hold tea lights at Christmas and above them on the wall is an embroidered framed silky picture that I just could not sell.  It has 4 girls on it, and John and I have 4 girls, and they are all dressed in white, most in gowns, and each is carrying something.  Sort of cutesy,  but I love it.  Annie, my oldest daughter, has claimed it, so at the risk of sounding morbid, her name is on the back. 

After my father died a few years ago, my sister went through photos and distributed them.  She gave me this copy of a photo of the two of us taken for a Christmas card.  Can't help but wonder if that isn't why this picture called to me.

The only things missing are the night caps, but we do have bows in our hair.  Pictures of the past have a way of making me sad, thinking about where the years have gone, and how well did I use them, and what are the precious moments I missed along the way.  Carpe diem!!

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