Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jewels in the Loft and Having a bit of Fun

John and I drove to Marengo last evening to join Jeannie LaBelle for her "Jewels in the Loft" show.  The displays were fantastic with books and antique mirrors and signs interspersed with the jewelry, all designed by Jeannie and a few of her friends and soul mates, whose philosophy is summed up in one of the chalkboard signs with it's message, and I hope I am recalling it correctly:  "Life is too short to wear department store jewelry".  The setting was perfect - in the loft of Jeannie's beautiful home, again decorated with personality, as creative and unique as she is.

Here we are, and for some reason John's camera was in this color mode. or lack thereof. (We thought it was rather interesting because there is some bit of color in the background but not on us)

In a previous post, I talked about meeting a blogger friend of Jeannie's, Gretchen Schaumann at Junk Bonanza in Minnesota this past September. I don't believe Gretchen and Jeannie have actually met but they are soul mates because of their shared passion for using vintage elements and their own creative gifts to fashion their art.

Here I am back in September, conveying greetings from Jeannie, who had told me to look up Gretchen when she found out I was going to Junk Bonanza. 

This is where the fun begins.  Since I don't think they have met, thought I'd have some photo-editing fun and put them together.  Pictured below are Gretchen and Jeannie with some of Grechen's embossed spoon necklaces in the background.  They are both modeling their own wonderful creations.

So now you know why you shouldn't believe everything you see in those supermarket gossip mags. 


  1. This was such a fun event!So glad I was a part of it!

  2. I'm sorry we didn't stay long enough to visit, although I just visited your blog...I'll be adding you to my list.


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