Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That Romantic time of Year!

I opened up today after John tended the shop on Saturday to find a few holes that had to be filled.  

First the wall beside the counter, my favorite combination: aqua and red,   canning jar with roses; old aqua, ruffled top vase; plus a bit of glitz in the form of a silvery shade with crystal prism accents.

Then back to our romantic area, this beer crate end with the romantic lady was rearranged by John after I already shot the photo.  Then he was concerned that I might think he was spending too much time with the barmaid. 

She'd be a nice addition to your bar area just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.  Also shown is part of one of a set of 8 really good condition tin trays if you are looking for some enhancements for Valentine's Day.

And, finally, the gate outside the entrance of Just A Second with its silverplate wire heart basket, crystal prisms, and heart ornament all anchored with a burlap sash.

Remember there is always a taste of chocolate waiting for you at Just A Second.  Looking forward to your visit!

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