Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Working on the Window at Wired

 I draw John into some interesting adventures.  The latest involved one of my impulsive volunteer tasks - offering to do the Christmas window display for Wired, the downtown coffee shop. I sketched the design, confiscated cut branches from walking buddy, Reggie's yard, borrowed silverplate coffee service from Just A Second,
bought large red ornaments, lights, and a glitzy prancing reindeer and was given more glitz in shiny red ribbon from Doran's, our local floral and accessory wholesaler.

John figured out a stand for the branch which I had adorned with little white lights.  We found the perfect sized and narrow enough table at home.

While daughter Elaina was visiting, she recalled a post on her friend Jamie's blog (don't you love blogs!) about where to get burlap coffee bags. Elaina made the call and we picked them up. 
It all came together quite well with John only having to go there 3 separate times to climb the ladder amidst the coffee shop clientele in order to first wire up the tree and wire fence "chandelier", and to plug lights into ceiling outlet, second to add spotlight and unplug cord from ceiling outlet and plug it into wall outlet since all the existing ceiling lights were turned off at night, and that also turned off ceiling outlet. He must have been quite the sight because he was photographed in the process at least twice, once by the mayor, and another time by a woman who wanted to copy the branch idea despite her husband's nay saying, and third to change the bulb in the spotlight because picky (or should I say bitchy) wife wanted it brighter.

Finally, John and I drove back downtown to see the effect of the new light and get some photos, including one of me getting photos.  He does have a sense of humor.


  1. Wow! That turned out great! I'm glad the burlap sacks worked out!

  2. And thanks for your help, Elaina. Many comments on the coffee bags. Didn't think I should mention the supplier in the post. They would be bombarded.

  3. Great job, Renie & John. Love the branch and prancing raindeer and tying the "coffee" theme together with coffee service, etc., is perfect!

  4. Renie, It looks wonderful. I am looking forward to driving by the window at night with all the lights. Good job. And to John too.


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