Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the Homefront at Christmas

It's taking me longer and longer to get the house decorated.  The shop seems to take priority, and the fact that we aren't celebrating Christmas at home until the 28th doesn't help.  But, it is getting done, and I will share a few of the "thus far" photos and some of my thoughts also.

The Nativity set determines the color palette on the mantle.  It is jewel toned as is the oriental rug.  Vintage glass beads are draped below the mantle.  I've added tarnished silver, real greens, little white lights and large size ornaments.  I kept the vintage cranberry glass vases.  Hoping to get sticks with the little white lights on them to put in the vases to add more height to the arrangement and to reflect in the mirror.   The jewel tones  dictated that I move the primary color and Santa theme stockings from the mantle to the partial stairway railing...not done yet:( 

In the dining room, added red shades and ornaments to the chandelier and embellished with chartreuse green vintage glass beads.

On the dining room table is a large tin snowman I've had for several years.  Sometimes he is outside, other years in.  He is surrounded by tarnished silver, mica covered snow balls (only snow he's seen so far this year), red ornaments, greens and other pewter and silver items running all along the natural linen runner.  When it's time for dinner, the tall snowman is moved to the sideboard dessert table.  He will go behind the center cake stand display, which will be full of Christmas cookies and other seasonal and decadent treats.
So thankful for friend, Sandy, and her cookie exchange. Come home having shared breakfast and lunch with a fun group of girlfriends, filled to the brim with "eye candy", as the saying goes, and bearing the fruit of everyone's loving labor - enough cookies for home and for sharing.  Love it! 
Also in the dining room is an antique cupboard with more red ornaments, cards with photos of the grandchildren (only some thus far), some pewter, favorite things from friends, and vintage George Briard Christmas tree glasses inherited from John's mom.
The reindeer tin fits right in.

I guess you can tell I love red.  On the kitchen counter, I use items which are around all year, then enhance them with some cookie cutters and favorite Christmas mugs collected through the years.

Finally, a vignette from the TV area.  I have a nice collection of vintage plaid picnic accessories, some of it lucky finds, others passed on from parents. It includes a picnic basket, 3 different size thermal canisters, plus a travel bag with thermoses, and sandwich box. The rustic deer is perched atop the basket, and he appears to be watching TV with us.


  1. Wow, alot of work there, Renie. Love it all, especially the snowman on the dining room table. I covet him:) Good job.

  2. John said, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods. He's going to the chapel to pray for you.


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