Saturday, November 17, 2012

While the cat is away, the mice will play:)

Tina is doing The Three French Hens Holiday Market this weekend in Morris, IL, and she left me with a bare and somewhat tattered dressmaker's dummy. (what a degrading name for such a marvelous prop.) At any rate, I had fun "dolling" her up.  Tina left burlap wrapped around her feet (base) and I had just succumbed to the purchase of some old costume jewelry. So, voila, here she is dressed to the nines in her burlap wrap embellished with vintage pins and necklaces, some of which were marked with names like ART©, Monet, and L/N, an early Providence RI 
jewelry manufacturer as well as some vintage Avon pieces.  I'm still learning so much, being in this business and researching goodies.  She also is sporting a small Kate Spade bag over her shoulder adorned with the obligatory "little white gloves".  And her chapeau is a couple of glitzy lamp shades.  Do you ever feel like this?  All dressed up and no place to go?

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