Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's official!

It's official!  We'll soon be an outlet for these wonderful letter press pendants. Here is Jeannie's description: 
VINTAGE LETTER PRESS PENDANTS on hand oxidized brass tags embellished with a vintage jewel...16" antique brass bead chain.
"Express Yourself!".....add a name, a little inspiration or a 'claim to fame'
You will be able to see what they look like at Just A Second very soon. (I'll be wearing mine!)  Each one is unique because you are. You may want one for yourself or as a very special gift for someone else. Jeannie of The Gilded Junque Yard will execute your request and ship it to you FREE.  We have a little sign at the shop that says, "YOU are worth it", because, if you are like me, you are constantly buying for someone else. Maybe it is time to put yourself on your gift list.


  1. This is great Renie. These are the perfect fit with the store. Looking forward to seeing these in person. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks Renie....It warms my heart to have such a wonderful welcome! See you soon!


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