Monday, July 30, 2012

Changes at home and at shop

 Starting to get in a Fall frame of mind and have decided to go with more of a primitive feel in the big room. Got started today. 

Moved Tina's wonderful redone trunks to center stage in the biggest room and am having fun stuffing one and displaying  on the closed top of the other.

Here is number one with the colorful red lining. Notice how her penny rug under the rocking chair picks up the pattern.

The second one is on the opposite wall below this newly added large framed oil painting.  On top of the trunk are a wood slat magazine rack stuffed with a burlap pillow, a rusty wire bird cage with one of tina's repurposed creations inside, as well as a bark basket and bird plate.

And finally, a peak at a "new" old piece I found on one of my excursions.  It was labeled a TV cabinet, but the fact that it was old thick pine boards notched together and finished on both sides, with an indented bottom such as found on kitchen cabinets made me think "kitchen island".

John could tell I really liked it, so he surprised me by bringing it into the house while I was shopkeeping and loading the big space where the TV was supposed to go with mixer, blender, and his father's old soda shop style shake maker. Guess that's another find that found a new home in this old house.

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