Sunday, July 8, 2012

While you were shopping ...

Yesterday was another hot day and I hope you all remained cool at Just a Second while you were shopping. Renie is a wonderful hostess at the store and while she was serving you all iced tea and cake, I was outside in the heat working on something new.  Here is a little taste of what's to come into the store -- eventually.
These wonderful boxes came out of a workshop located in an old barn. They are well used cigar boxes that have been painted on one end and a nice old wooden handle added to make a little drawer. There are a total of 37 and I have cleaned each one, sanded with a steel wool pad to remove most of the dirt but not the age and waxed them to protect the wonderful graphics on the boxes.

Some are labeled and some are not. They would be wonderful in a unit of cubby holes. Unfortunately the piece they were in originally could not be removed from the barn wall as it was built right on the wall. But I am looking for something in either metal or wood that would accomodate these cigar box drawers.

They have wonderful graphics either on the tops or on the sides if no top exists. Perhaps I will just have to build my own cabinet. How would you use these? Just let your imagination run wild and post your suggestions and comments.  Happy decorating, Tina

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  1. Since I finally figured out how to get comments, thought I would leave one for Tina. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to get your little cigar box drawers into the shop!


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