Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Putting it together Piece by Piece

A few days ago, we looked at the pile of goodies from an all day auction experience,
Below is the front of the drawer shown above.  You can see the little green wooden knobs. I think it would make a really cute planter on top of a porch railing. It is priced at $32.00
Love the green touches - the metal frog candle sticks and the great green pot.
We are getting more and more vintage garden items just in time for Mother's Day or any other day.

Love how items came together to form this sunny vignette.  Started with the vintage pillow cover and its embroidered flowers, then came the wicker plant stands and at the same time the really cute wrought iron chair.  Don't know if you can see the fabric, but it is yellow with white polka dots and it is weatherproof vinyl, so it is perfect for outside The final touch is the bright yellow vinyl George Briard designer ice bucket with the tulips on the lid.