Sunday, May 20, 2012

New "old stuff" at Just A Second

Finding some old neat stuff that can make a great vignette if you want to accessorize a primitive or industrial look.

It's the kind of stuff that elicits a remark such as "what are you going to do with that?!?"...
little touches which help you build the look you want.

It's fun when quite a few of these types of items come in all at once and you can cluster them..haven't had time to do that lately, so they are somewhat scattered around the shop. Couldn't help myself...had to put the antique German bird plate in the cage. And Tina brought in the wonderful old weathered and not perfect shutters.  Makes the perfect back drop. 

Finally a big old monster fan. Cut off the cord so no one can even attempt to plug it in.  Can't imagine having one of these around. They do make a great accent piece though,
as does the old 1920 era metal suit case with rod and hangers and old travel stickers.

From glitz and glam to grunge and grand, there are accents for any decorating style at Just A Second.