Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seeing beyond the Surface

Here it is:  the end result of a full day at an auction.  Husband John helped unload it and chuckled as he took the photo.  I think there was a little head shaking going on also.
At the same time, he noticed neighbor Aaron next door to whom he apologetically shared that he didn't understand it, but Renie manages to sell this stuff at her shop.  Aaron's response was interesting:  "Don't let Ellie (his cute young wife) see it. She'll drag it all into our house."

Could it be that women have the capacity to see beneath the surface more than our male counterparts? Reminds me of a little documentary we just watched called Mister Rogers and Me.  Mister Rogers was taunted as a child, and he determined that he would always look for the good in people.  Thanks to Rhode Island sister, Janie, for sharing it.  (She somehow knows someone involved in its production)

He was very fond of the term "deep and simple".  It's probably a travesty to refer to my "junk" in the same way. However, I do have to share what may not be obvious from the photo. The top tote (filled with tools) seems to be made out of old tongue and groove floor boards.  Can't wait to show it as a planter - perfect on a porch rail or converted to a window box.  Red geraniums will just pop against that dark wood.

The long box under it is hiding its best feature.  It may have been a drawer because on the long side which you don't see there are two of the cutest little green wooden knobs.
It has great potential.  Don't know quite what I will do with it (or let someone else figure out what he or she will do), but it definitely has Country Gardens potential.

(To be continued)