Saturday, April 21, 2012

Opening the patio/deck

Filling the patio and deck with all kinds of new and vintage garden items.  Still a bit too early to do all the planting we are planning, but there are some pansies in baskets and some chives that survived the winter, even in a pot.  We love filling vintage items with arrangements that are one of a kind. Whether it's an enamel dish pan or a vintage tin basket, or some other great find, it is bound to lend a special touch to your garden.

Tina has added a menagerie of garden critters including snails and turtles and bunnies; birds in a nest, and squirrels; and we have darling statuary of children to sit among your own flowers.

We'll be adding more items, as we discover them, like vintage wire hanging baskets, and mesh wall pockets, and twig items to add a rustic touch to your setting.  While they adorn our deck. they help provide a nice little spot to sit and have a spot of tea or a cup of coffee. Nothing fancy, but according to our customers, a nice ambiance.  Looking forward to your visit.