Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

When I decided to do this post on mirrors, I didn't think about a few things, the number one being, how do you photograph a mirror without getting yourself reflected in it? and how do I avoid getting the messy workshop/studio captured in the mirror? Not easy, and the result not always pretty.

This metal framed mirror is my favorite of the moment: hammered metal with bamboo beveled mirror. It is a nice size, 28.5" X 22.5", and it can be hung vertically or horizontally. It looks old on the back, but the little philips head screws tell you it is not older than the 30's, and in fact, I am sure it is much newer than that.
But Just A Second is just as much about decor as it is about antiques, maybe more so.

The next one is more of a cottage style, white with aqua stencil and 22.5" square. Someone said it may be from IKEA, and that may be so. I don't get to IKEA that often. At any rate I could see it in any number of settings, including bathroom or bedroom. It, too, is beveled.

The last one is older, varnished wood, needs some touch up, and will most likely be painted.  

I am thinking white or silver or something else. It will come to me. All will be showing up at Stella & Notte sometime in the near future. Check us out on Facebook, to keep up with our event schedule.