Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Surprise Shower Easy to Pull Off

As some of you know, I am in a small group made up of special women who love decorating or collecting or crafting or all of the above, and we get together every other month for dinner and fun at each other's homes. There are 12 in our group, so each of us entertains just once every two years. 

It was my turn this month and one of our members is getting married soon and it was suggested that we do a surprise shower at the same time. I was already planning an "April Shower" theme (yes, some of us do some sort of seasonal or other theme). And I was able to invite Michelle to her own surprise shower without her having a clue that it was going on. Even when she saw the umbrella on the front door, she remained in the dark.

She walked right past this dining room, and still nothing seemed unusual. (That tells you a little bit about how we go all out for our get togethers.) Fortunately, Michelle was with me in the kitchen when others arrived bearing gifts, but I always managed to answer the door and then have them stash their gifts behind the sofa. We didn't want to announce the surprise until all had arrived. Who said women can't keep a secret?!?

This is how the table looked in anticipation of everyone's arriving. I found the little demitasse cups at one of my favorite haunts and was amazed there were 12. I didn't know if they would be nut cups or what, but finally decided they would be mini succulent planters. My co-conspirator helped me plate the dinner while everyone was enjoying appetizers and libations. So the plates were placed, and the candles lit, everyone summoned, and when we broke the news, Michelle was practically in tears she was so surprised.

I do feel bad I didn't get a photo of everyone in the candle lit dining room surprising Michelle, but I am sure you all have vivid imaginations and can readily picture the whole scene. I love being a part of this group, and to think it all started in 2005 when The Pink Cupboard closed and Sandy came up with the idea for our group, so we could continue to celebrate our friendships. Many of us still are present in various shops throughout the area. And speaking of shops, I hope you will come see us at Stella & Notte this weekend starting Thursday. Just A Second is proud to share a space in this beautiful north end store at 1416 N Main in Rockford.

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