Friday, October 24, 2014

Hoping to get back on track with Posting

I apologize for the long pause in posts. Our lives are not our own. Since our shop on North Main has been purchased by the state of Illinois for its Highway 2 widening, we have been trying to figure out where a shop full of books and store inventory and workspace for painting, and space for consulting are all going to go. 

My store is now in the East State Antique Mall, as many of you may already know, but, of course I went from 4 rooms in the shop to one booth in the mall. Obviously, there are many items left after the partial move. Fortunately, a few small tables have sold, as well as my large breakfront, and most recently my black hutch. So, I have been able to move more items to my booth.

I am happy to report that many of the "Halloween" items also sold, the portrait, the candelabra, some tarnished silver-plate....all items which get "repurposed", as Halloween decor. I love using what I have or finding something which isn't specific to just one holiday. 

With different candles and some greens, the candelabra could be perfect for Christmas. (if I still had it)

The task ahead is to finish redoing furniture at the shop, while I still have the space to do it. 

Meanwhile Halloween is fast approaching, and we have to get into high gear for Christmas.

Example: two ads, same event, minor changes, but whole different feel. First step ads, 2nd step, redo the booth. I love that part.

Hope you can join us. I will be there and hopefully be able to see some dear, familiar faces.

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