Monday, October 27, 2014

Adding items to my Booth

 I am enjoying having the freedom a booth allows. I can come and go and yet my booth remains open everyday from 10 - 7. 

I went over Sunday evening to add a few items and noticed that I have been painting with a lot of shades of grey lately, ( funny how a simple phrase can make you think twice - no reference to that awful book:) from charcoal to very light, from silver to bluish. 

I added a small candle stand Sunday evening. I was amazed earlier, to see that depending on age and style and condition, the price of candle stands can vary in price, from as little as $20, to more than $1500. 

The one I brought in probably dates to no earlier than the 1970's. It was dark pine and had seen a little bit of  wear so I decided to paint it a pale grey and then distress it a bit. 

I also brought in some silver-plate. When I found it, it was beyond nicely tarnished. It was so black that it was difficult to determine the condition and whether it was just plated or better. 

After a lot of polish and much elbow grease, I was able to see that most pieces were indeed plated, but one lovely piece was actually sterling! 

As I start to think of Christmas, I am drawn to more ornate pieces and love to put them in a rustic setting and then add a bit of color. Ordinarily, I do not like to rush Christmas, but since our Holiday Open House is November 8, I have no choice.  So the pumpkin gourd to the right will soon be replaced with a vintage ornament.

I don't know if you can see it in the photo or not, but the pine cone looks as though it is tipped with frost or snow. It is actually sap.
When I was returning from my walk last Friday morning I noticed many of these pine cones, so, of course, had to gather them up. Many had long dry pine needles stuck to them, and by the time I got home I was stuck to them, also.

I put them on the patio table hoping the sap will harden and be less sticky so I can use them for my Christmas booth.

I hope you can join us for our holiday event - "Everything Old is New Again". Several vendors, myself included, will have demonstrations in our booths on repurposing vintage items for decorating, or wrapping packages, or adding to newer goodies to give your gifts and home a special touch.

Our "tea lady" will serve tea and home made treats to make you feel welcome and help get you in the mood for celebrating the holidays.

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